PS Plus Extra: This critically acclaimed game is the service's third-best debut, according to a report

We have already said on countless occasions that in 2023 Many good quality games have debuted. Although they had to wait for months, my players Play Station You can finally enjoy one of the great games of last year at no extra cost thanks to PlayStation Plus.

It seems that many people were looking forward to this critically acclaimed game, as it was one of the best launches in the history of the level. PS Plus Extra.

We're talking about Dave the diverthe charismatic video game Mintrukit And Nixon. After debuting on PC in June 2023, Nintendo Switch fans experienced it on October 26 of the same year. It was so last April 16, 2024 That my players Playstation 4 And PS5 They were finally able to give her a chance.

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Dave the Diver is winning big on PlayStation Plus

The sea exploration RPG has received almost universal acclaim from the press and players. It currently has reviews Very positive On Steam with average scores 90 on Metacritic. It seems that many PS Plus subscribers were trying to figure out what all the fuss was about last year.

Thanks to her association with the company GameInsightsthe gate Real prizes Enables the analysis of more than one sample of data 3.1 million active accounts From PlayStation Network. This is how he finds out Dave the diver It attracted the attention of many players on the first day of its appearance on the subscription service.

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According to the data, the game MINTROCKET is currently Third best stadium From PS Plus Extra throughout history. The first position is occupied Reckless In 2022, while the second belongs to Grand Theft Auto V In 2023. Of course, the Rockstar Games game wasn't a day one release, but its addition to the service caught the attention of many subscribers.

Dave the Diver has arrived on PlayStation as a day one release of PS Plus Extra

TrueTrophies highlights this Reckless The number of players is recorded 97.24% higher than Dave the diverwhile GTA V Go beyond the Pixelart game you're looking for 24.98%. Sea of ​​stars August 2023 and The horizon is forbidden west They occupy fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Dave the diver It is currently the most successful addition to the service so far this year and has surpassed it 65.74% to Need for Speed ​​Unbound February 2024.

These are the best PS Plus Extra releases of 2024 so far:

1.- Dave the diver – April 2024
2.- Need for Speed ​​Unbound – February 2024
3.- Marvel Midnight Sun – March 2024
4.- Tina's Little Wonderland – January 2024
5.- Resident Evil 2 – January 2024

It is worth noting that this data is not provided by PlayStation and represents only a small part of the full picture. The official numbers are likely to be very different, though GameInsights stats allow us to gauge the scope of Nexon's game.

You can still get Dave the Diver for free if you're a subscriber to the service
You can still get Dave the Diver for free if you're a subscriber to the service

But tell us, have you taken advantage of your subscription to give the exploration title a chance? Let us read to you in the comments.

You can read more related news Dave the diver If you visit this page. Alternatively, click this link to find additional information about PlayStation Plus.

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