How to save your Hotmail account before it is deleted by Microsoft

Hotmail was the first email service that allowed you to log in from any computer.

It is no secret to anyone that the world today is governed by globalization, which in turn is governed by the Internet and all the services it provides. Social networks are some of the platforms that control people’s lives, especially with the help of smartphone. TheMobile applications are so easy to download, install, and manage that almost any Internet user can make them his allies…or his bosses.

Now, although many people think that social networks are the only ones controlling their lives, it is because they have not yet recognized another virtual “monster”: E-mail. In today’s world, there are many people who accuse of feeling stressed due to the amount of emails arriving in their email, especially when it is sent from their jobs. When you walk into a mailbox and notice that there are dozens or hundreds of emails that appear without review, it’s those images that can generate anxiety in anyone.

However, times are changing and with these also the postal services which have more power over the people. Currently, there is no doubt that Gmail is the largest provider in the world. Hundreds of companies around the world have a corporate contract with Google to make their email service the default within their companies. Thus, according to projections from Google itself, By the end of 2021, more than 4.1 billion people are expected to use Gmail.

However, this email was not always the most used or desired by Internet users, considering that for many years. It was Hotmail that led this arrangement; That is why there are hundreds of accounts that, when Gmail became popular, were left by their owners, and nowadays this is not so important within the platform.

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thinking about this, Microsoft (the company responsible for Hotmail, Live, Outlook, and MSA) has decided to permanently close all inactive accounts registered to email services, effective August 30.

This way, there are only a few hours left for owners of accounts that have not reported any activity in the past two years to be able to save their Hotmail emails, if they wish. Log in to your accounts and show any activity on them.

This “purge” of emails is due to a change in activity policies that Microsoft created in 2019, with which it seeks to debug its servers a bit from all those abandoned accounts that simply generate errors in the company’s internal databases. All accounts that have not been used since August 30, 2019 will be removed from Hotmail in an unprecedented cleanup in the company.


Of course, those people who still use their Hotmail account to receive and send emails continuously will not suffer any retaliation, as they meet Microsoft’s minimum requirements: Email activity.

However, even if you have not used your account for two years, but registered it with one of the Microsoft services such as Xbox Live, it will not be deleted either, considering that it is the bridge between the company and the user being able to purchase a membership online.

In addition to, In case of any debts with Microsoft, the account will not be closed eitherBecause it is the only record by which the company guarantees that a person will be able to pay his obligation.

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Finally, the company guarantees it It also won’t suspend an account that was used to publish an app to the Microsoft Store.This is to ensure that the app or game is not canceled due to lack of a valid email.

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