Red Dead Redemption 2 at 8K and ray tracing thanks to the most realistic mod: Watch this video

In the unlikely event that Rockstar is bringing GTA 6 or improvements to RDR2 itself, the community is making itself out on the tech level.

Not knowing what to bring Rock star Come in handy for the new generation of consoles, with that assumption GTA 6 What we have been waiting for for many years, the Modder community decided to be the one leading us to studio games of the greatest technological advancements. We see it with Red Dead Redemption 2Cowboy Adventure Championship Arthur Morgan And his entourage of outlaws. This looks better than ever 8K resolution And take advantage of technology Ray Tracking.

The original game appeared in 2018 and technological progress is rapid even for a game that is among the latest in its generation. But the ModeratesAs we can see on our YouTube channel Digital dreams, They added content so that it is Western spaghetti The default mode contains improvements like 8K resolution, shading enhancements, and ray tracing lighting in which we can marvel at reflections of puddles or sunsets.

The closest thing to a photorealistic picture we’ve seen in a long timeWe don’t know if Rockstar’s plans include a new Red Dead Redemption or even a show Visual improvements to RDR2 On next generation controllers. In fact, it seems that it is difficult to get close to the result that we see in the video that we leave for you at the beginning of the article. To achieve this realistic look, they did so aggressively A. RTX 3090It’s indispensable to look that good with Ultra settings. It’s the closest thing to realism we’ve come across lately.

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Speaking of Rockstar, we know they’re coming this year GTA V with technology improvements for next generation consoles. Although fans are requesting new installments from Grand Theft Auto, the truth is that a success GTA Online And even Caio Brico, The latest expansion of the game, saw Studio R * take a quiet period of time to work on new projects.

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