Elizabeth Louisa will introduce a bill to Congress to punish those who develop biopolymers

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Elizabeth has been the subject of conversation several days ago due to an announcement she made on her social networks about permanently removing the biopolymers left in her buttocks. It is worth noting that this is the second operation that he underwent.

Now, Caleña is back to spark debate on behalf of a proposal regarding the use of this substance by plastic surgeons. Through her Instagram account, the businesswoman shared the idea of ​​introducing a bill to punish those who put biopolymers in procedures of this kind.

“(…) We will introduce a bill in Congress to create a law that would punish the application of these articles and help persons who were already victims to withdraw these articles.”The model announced that she has taken her case from social media to the legislature.

On Monday, the model approved the decision to embody this initiative, and called a press conference on Tuesday, 31 at the Congress of the Republic. “A year and a half ago, I started the “No more biopolymers” campaign. Tomorrow my dream will come true. We will present a project (…) to ban these substances that are very harmful to health in Colombia.” confirmed. He also said that such a proposal could take up to two years to be approved, but despite that, it would be very pending during the process.

“I hope we will make history in the world, because we are the first country to ban and punish the application of biopolymers”The model said that he was not the only victim in the country due to the use of this element. In addition, she sent a thoughtful message about using this “poison” as she put it.

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“I look at myself in the mirror and I see my back is up to my ankles, but I am happy that this poison has been removed from my body, it is a blessing to be healthy! One more beautiful tail and that is what we have to convince ourselves of. We will work on self-love”said the businesswoman.

Meanwhile, La U Chamber Representative Norma Hurtado introduced a bill on August 3 that seeks to penalize those who use biopolymers in cosmetic and beauty procedures in prison. Another objective of this initiative is to hold health entities in the region and departments responsible for fulfilling the conditions for health service providers who comply with the said article.

The representative in Semana noted that the document includes the imposition, in addition to imprisonment, of “the extinction of the domain of the property or commercial establishment where the said articles are applied and the sale of the property will go towards compensating the victims.”

The draft indicates, among other things, that for preventive purposes, “A series of states that lead relevant authorities to implement prevention and promotion campaigns have been proposed to alert citizens to the adverse effects of the use of unauthorized health modeling materials, and to put in place cautionary notices not to apply these elements in business. Institutions that have been repeatedly identified as providers of this type of services, as well as creating channels for consultation and complaints that arise in connection with the topic discussed here”, as well as other provisions.

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