How much does a lawyer earn in Canada: is it enough to live well?

During 2021, Canada became the preferred destination for those who immigrated to work or study, even surpassing its neighbor the United States. In addition to enjoying a high level of quality of life, this country has the distinction of being relatively “flexible” to receive young professionals. In this context, find out what is lawyer salary – for example – it can be useful for those who have studied this degree and are seeking to try their luck in a North American country.

In fact, according to Emigrate Canada, there is currently a file high demand of lawyers in the major cities of the country, so it is possible that those interested “can get a Residence visa permanent with or without Job offerFrom the page they refer to: “If you are a solicitor and work as an attorney, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada.”

Many people who traveled to the country from the north of the continent as well tourists Or to live, they usually testify to it cost of living In Canada it is high. However, they also guarantee – with the appropriate visa – It is possible to get a good paying job According to this standard of living.

Logically, a lot will depend on the city in which you live and, above all, what kind of job you get. But if it works like AttorneyFor example, you could have a file good salary This allows not only to cover basic expenses, but also the rest to save or travel around the country.

The salary of a lawyer in Canada is about 5900 dollars

According to a survey conducted by various specialized sites, both job search engines and pages that provide advice to those wishing to immigrate to Canada, it appears that average income from U.S Attorney With “a little experience” it can be the equivalent of a little St 5900 dollars.

For example, according to a report by the recruitment company ZSA, Toronto It is one of the cities in which Better salaries for lawyers. There, fresh graduates can earn between $6300 and $7000 per month if a large studio is hired. If instead he works in a company”Mediator‘, the monthly salary between st 5100 dollars And $6000 a month. Meanwhile, in a small law firm, the salary goes from 4100 dollars to me 5500 USD.

According to Glassdoor, meanwhile, the average annual salary for a lawyer in Toronto is $82,000 a year: That’s about $6,800 per month. However, in many of the job search ads posted by the site, there are offers of around $5,900 per month.

A lawyer’s salary in Canada Is it enough to live well?

through analysis cost of living In Canada, it is conceivable that it can vary between different cities. TorontoFor example, although it offers the best salaries, it also It is considered one of the most expensive types of living. In fact, according to YouTooProject, which helps people who are looking to go to study or work in different parts of the world, living there can be a lot of fun. 20% more expensive To do so in Montreal.

The cost of living in Toronto, for example, is 20% higher than in Montreal

The cost of living in Toronto, for example, is 20% higher than in Montreal

In this scenario, to consider whether the salary of a lawyer in Toronto is sufficient to live well, you need to take into account some of these basic monthly expenses:

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  • Housing: Leasing Large apartment in the “expensive” area of ​​the city can leave u 2500 dollars a month. In the “Regular” area, $150. A small apartment in an expensive area of ​​the city can cost $1,670.
  • food: Estimated that a person can spend between u$s160 and u$s240 A month to fill supermarket “changuito” with food, estimates YouTooProject. Moreover, it can be seen that a Dinner for two people around 50 USD.
  • Services: A person who lives in a small apartment will spend about $110 in light, water and electricityAccording to the specialized website Expatistan. Pay Internet It costs u $ s55 and cell phoneu $ s60.
  • Transportation: Monthly Pass for Public Transport u$s120According to Expatistan. In the meantime, if you have a file automaticto fill two tanks of Gas per month (for an average car), it will take about u $ s115. To that we must add insurance, which costs around $100 per month.
  • Aharon Invoices: In addition, other amounts can be taken into account, although they are not fixed, but can affect the economic equation at the end of the month. For example, according to data from Expatistan, a “short” visit to A medical Low special costs u $ s51. Movie tickets are $10 and coffee is $3.20. A monthly gym subscription costs $50.

it is person who lives alone in a ‘small’ apartment in Toronto, You’ll spend about $2,385 a month, rent, food (with two dinners in a restaurant per month), services and transportation. In other words, with an average attorney salary (around $5,900 USD), You can live well and have some rest Great for doing different activities, keeping or even traveling.

Requirements to immigrate to Canada and work as a lawyer

There are a number of variables to consider for practicing law in Canada

There are a number of variables to consider for practicing law in Canada

According to the Growpro website, a file immigration policies In Canada it includes various programs that promote the entry of professionals from abroad. One of them is called “Express Entry”: it was created in 2015, which is the system used Order Management Permanent residence for skilled workers and can be applied for by immigrants with specific professional experience, those with experience in occupations or even “important workers”.

They also noted that Express Entry is one of the “most efficient systems for obtaining permanent residence in Canada.” to advance from ArgentinaIt is necessary that you havepassport current, manual language. Such as By Canadian Language Standard (CLB) and assessment Credentials Education (RCT)”.

As Emigrate Canada explains, it is not a “visa category,” “it is simply the method (or database) that Canadian immigration uses to select the right candidates. Residence visa Permanent and in this case, as a lawyer seeking to migrate to CanadaWe will consider the Federal Skilled Worker Visa and Provincial Nominee Program. ”

From this, it is necessary to apply for one of the different types of visa From the business offered by the northern state. Another requirement to be able to develop the legal profession in Canada is, logically, homogeneity of studies It has been studied (if it is carried out, for example, in Argentina).

According to Growpro, without this document it is “impossible to access the best immigration software.” The process involves evaluating titles, certificates, diplomas, or credits earned throughout a career, to determine the comparison of Canadian educational degrees.

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