An uproar in the UK over leaked political opinion of Prince Charles

Prince Charles (Reuters/Molly Darlington/Paul/file photo)

Prince Charles, heir to the British crown, has privately described his country’s government’s plans to send asylum seekers arriving in the UK illegally to Rwanda as “appalling”.as published by the newspaper times.

The Prince of Wales, who will represent the Queen at the upcoming Commonwealth Summit this month in Rwanda, ‘Frustrated’ by Conservative Chief Executive Boris Johnson’s immigration policyAccording to an anonymous source quoted by the newspaper.

He is even more disappointed with that policy. He said he thought the entire government’s approach was appalling. It is clear that he is not affected by the directives of the executive branchThe source indicated.

Charles’ official residence, Clarence House, He did not officially deny these statementsAlthough he remembers political neutrality Heiress of Elizabeth II.

We will not comment on purported private conversations with Prince Charles, except to remind you that he remains politically neutral. “Political issues are government decisions,” a Clarence House spokesman said.

Carlos and Camilla at Queen Elizabeth II's jubilee celebrations (Daniel Leal/Paul via Reuters)
Carlos and Camilla at Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee celebrations (Daniel Leal/Paul via Reuters)

Carlos’ comments about London’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda to carry out their procedures there comes a day after Justice refused last Friday to prevent the first deportations.

The Executive has already been notified About 130 migrants have started the deportation processs Next Tuesday, you chartered the first flight in which you want to transport 31 people to the African country.

London’s High Court refused to stop the deportations by not considering “balanced“Extension”general exemption“For migrants who will be sent to a center in Rwanda, although the case is expected to go to the Court of Appeal on Monday.

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The Prince of Wales is particularly upsetto me timesbecause this plan begins roughly parallel to the start of the Commonwealth Summit in Kigali on June 23, which, in his opinion, will overshadow the appointment of the Commonwealth of Nations (former British colonies).

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Reuters)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Reuters)

The government considers this policy critical to deter the crossings. More than 10,000 migrants crossed this year, the newspaper reported, a number that was not reached until August last year.

Although Carlos has spoken on a wide range of issues for decades, Their public interventions on controversial issues have been greatly reduced in recent years. However, his comments on Rwanda, he also expressed timesThey suggest that He is still willing to express his beliefs about government policy in private.

In a documentary about BBC On the occasion of his 70th birthday in 2018, Carlos said he no longer makes public interventions on these issues once he becomes kingMentionsed: “I’m not that stupidI realized it I wouldn’t be “able to do the same things I did as an heir” And as king he will have to work within “Constitutional parameters“.

He said the idea of ​​him continuing to interfere was “nonsense”.

Benny JrCarlos’ biographer, predict it The Prince will continue to fight behind closed doors on the issues that matter to him the mostEven if it means clashes with the Prime Minister.

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