How lived the victory of the left in Argentina …

The Triple electoral defeat Which received the coalition that presides Sebastian Pinera In the elections held in Chile, it had a set of repercussions on the Argentine political leadership, whether the ruling party or the opposition. For diplomatic reasons, the national government avoided demonstrations in order not to interfere in the internal life of the neighboring country.

After learning about the meager outcome of the official “Famos Chile” alliance and opening the process that would design a new Magna Carta, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Jorge Tayana, said: The trans-Andean country “is advancing towards new rights and more popular participationReferring to the founding elections, he noted that “it has been proven that Chilean society wants to leave behind the remnants of Pinochet’s dictatorship and looks to the future with equality and democracy.”

Likewise, Representative Fernanda Vallejos celebrated the message sent at the polls and highlighted one of the great surprises of the day: the victory of Irassi Hasler, the Communist Party candidate, as mayor of Santiago de Chile. “I would like to congratulate my loyal companion, Irace Hasler, for her remarkable victory, which I have no doubt is the victory of the people. As a woman, political activist, and economist,” We are proud of this historic result that fills us with hope for the futureThe legislator assured.

Left Front deputy Nicholas Del Canio posted on social media: “It’s not 30 pesos, it’s 30 years”, referring to the slogan that intensified the social protests that arose out of the subway increase and showed the exhaustion that has been dragging Chilean society a decade ago. “The popular revolt of 2019 severely affected Pinera, the heir to the dictatorial regime, Pinochet. “The election is a confirmation,” said Del Caño.

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Across the street, the only Juntos por el Cambio leader to speak of the election was Congressman Fernando Iglesias. Dissatisfied with the result, he announced on Twitter:Hello, Chile, to the third worldThus, the commander showed his dissatisfaction with the strong setback suffered by Sebastian Pinera, a key regional ally of Mauricio Macri and with whom he advanced on bilateral agreements during the Campimus administration.

At Casa Rosada, they on their part were interested in the elections, although they avoided assessing it. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the “democratic practice of our brother the Chilean people,” but clarified that the ministry “is not responsible for expressing an opinion on the outcome.”

Besides the diplomatic line, during his official visit in January this year, Alberto Fernandez expressed his enthusiasm regarding the country’s transformation process. The president considered, at the time, that “having the ability to draft a constitution from scratch creates a new situation. Other “.

The Argentine president also used that trip to hold meetings with Chilean opposition leaders who, it turns out, summoned them to take the example of the unity of the Todos Front. Before returning to the national territory, the president called for “building a new world with our bases and where, if the continent is clearly united, we can have more power, to pursue proposals about how we want the world to be.”

Marco Enriquez-Ominami, founder of the Puebla Group and former candidate for President of Chile, agreed with Fernandez and emphasized that he plays an important role in regional integration. He concluded that the elections “expressed an indisputable desire for change” and “a great rejection of the ideas of the right.”

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