He taught four years and his career did not exist

According to Hales, after completing high school He cannot afford collegeBecause it is very expensive in Mexico. At the time, she asked her parents for help, who could only afford to pay for two jobs: nursing or teaching. At that time, Montero decided to teach.

In her story, the young woman confirmed that she did everything she had to succeed, because it was a “great opportunity” in her life, after the difficulties she went through before she started studying. But once he got a job, it all fell apart.

At work they told him that they had discovered some irregularities in his studies, and that he should consult his college before taking the degree, almost as a guideline. However, when she spoke to the undergraduate institution, she received a response that did not entirely convince her. And how well he did, because his next step was to go to Mexico’s Directorate of Professions and the sad news came out: His career had no formal legitimacy, nor did it exist.

As he could tell today, the institution was not authorized or registered to award bachelor’s degrees. In this sense, confirm it They made me study for four years. Race does not exist, without the possibility of a title.

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