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Cars have colonized the world and established themselves as one of the preferred modes of transportation for people who say they feel more comfortable in a private vehicle, rather than in a group vehicle.

The popularity of cars has generated a strong demand for these vehicles, but also caused an increase in traffic in large cities, becoming a serious social and environmental problem, because so far, more and more cars occupy fossil fuels. march that electric. Emission of a large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

With the increase in the population and the number of vehicles, new road problems arise and, accordingly, new challenges for companies, which are trying to offer possible solutions to them, and it seems that the company has just created a prototype of a futuristic car which is sure to make us transport ourselves to movies like Back to the Future or Well, remember our childhood cartoons like ultrasound.

This new invention will definitely make you remember one of the highest-grossing and most important big screen installments of all time. Marty MacFly and Doc Emmett Brown will celebrate their 38th anniversary on the Fourth of July since they first hit cinemas around the world, and while the time-traveling saga continues to surprise many, the fact is that This movie is a clear example of how reality is. It is always stranger than fiction.

Although someone in the 1980s would never have imagined traveling in a flying car, this could become a reality thanks to an American company. A prototype of the flying car certificate The authority of the Federal Aviation Administration to fly. The car is made by Alf Automotive in California and is the first all-electric flying vehicle that can drive on public roads and park like regular cars.

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In addition, this vehicle will be able to take off and land vertically and the space is for a maximum of two passengers and it will have a range of 300 km on the road and 110 km in flight. The cost of this car is estimated to be in possession of 300 thousand dollars and first delivery It will be ready by the end of 2025.

The FAA confirmed that it has issued a certificate of airworthiness that allows limited purposes such as demonstration and research and development. he one thousand The “Model A”, to this day, is the first and only flying car permitted for use in the United States, among its many features, vertical take-off and landing capabilities. This, according to its developers, allows adequate driving and parking in accordance with the urban infrastructure and without any doubt, it is a promising prototype that could be a road traffic solution in the future.

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