He suffers so much for something bad, that he asks to be put into a coma

This prompted a 14-year-old boy with severe eczema incitement to coma to escape from Pain from a skin disease. Barney Ray, from Bristol, UK, was diagnosed last year and left him with eczema covered from head to toe with an itchy rash that didn’t go away. Are you sleepings. Despite trying many different treatments—some of which, according to his 50-year-old mother, Miranda, have left it looking like an acid attack—Barney still struggles and tells his mom he can’t stand the pain any more.

A mom is now desperate to help her son get back to normal and raise funds for an urgent and quick treatment that will soothe his skin for good. Miranda explained to Britain’s Metro: “Barney is in a state of stress. He just wants to sleep and wake up when the eczema clears. He even told me he wanted to go into an induced coma because the pain was so intense. The woman added, “He has reached a point where he is afraid to sleep. He rubs himself unknowingly while he is asleep and wakes up bleeding from head to toe.”

The woman says the past 10 months have been “torture” for Barney, due to his lack of sleep and the fact that he even blames himself for his skin problems. “It is heartbreaking to see my son go through this,” he says. Since Barney is allergic to many of the ingredients in the treatments, he has had a hard time finding relief from itchy, cracked skin. Prescription creams have also left him red and in excruciating pain, and long waiting lists at British public hospitals mean the family is now looking at private options and launching a solidarity fundraising drive.

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Miranda said her son hasn’t had any eczema on his face yet and it’s all over. “We put bandages on him to help him stop itching, but one night he was shivering and bleeding from his neck down, saying he couldn’t believe what he had done to himself,” he said. “Because of exhaustion, he doesn’t realize he has itching and scrapes until he bleeds. It’s a totally uncontrollable urge. Although he’s been diagnosed with severe eczema, the word actually means ‘boil’ and there’s no known cure, every case is different,” Hill.

Eczema is characterized by redness and inflammation of the skin. Scratching leads to the formation of scales and also causes dryness and subsequent flaking of the skin.

The causes of eczema are not precisely known, although there is a genetic factor linked to a change in the immune system that compromises the protective function of the skin’s barrier in the body.

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