5 most amazing attractions in Florida, beyond the theme parks

Ocala National Forest in Florida, United States (Getty Images)

Without being able to avoid it, almost automatically, People all over the world focus their thoughts on amusement parks and games when someone mentions Florida. And beyond the fame they deserve, It is not possible to get a full experience of what this geographical space really is without visiting the natural wonders and cultural attractions in it.

Florida has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, and it has Vast expanses of wild nature and beautiful islands, In addition to hundreds of kilometers from Beaches with crystal springs.

Infobae has picked 5 places not to miss if you’re planning a trip to Florida on your next vacation.

1. Ocala National Forest

Beautiful springs in Ocala National Forest, Florida (Getty Images)
Beautiful springs in Ocala National Forest, Florida (Getty Images)

It is the second largest protected forest in the United States and the oldest national forest east of the Mississippi River.. It is a natural paradise in which you can perform multiple activities, including camping, while enjoying observing the flora and fauna in it.

It is a great attraction for lovers of sailing and snorkeling, as well as for those who want to swim in the crystal clear waters., because he has more than 600 lakes, rivers and magnificent crystal springs between oaks and pines. It is also a very popular place for those who love hiking and cycling.With more than 180 kilometers of road running through the core.

The forest is really huge and there is everything to do and see. Some of the must-see sites are Juniper Springs Entertainment District, with turquoise and champagne waters, where you can camp, picnic, swim or picnic; Salt Springs Recreation AreaKnown as “salt springs” due to its high salinity, in addition to its high potassium, magnesium and sodium content. And the water park Alexander Springs Entertainment DistrictPerfect for snorkeling and enjoying the clear and warm waters.

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When and how do you go? Driving on the Turnpike in Florida is recommended at any time of the year. Every season offers good suggestions.

2. Overseas Expressway

An aerial view of the Overseas Expressway running from one island to another (Getty Images)
An aerial view of the Overseas Expressway running from one island to another (Getty Images)

This is confirmed by expert travelers from all over the worldThis is the most beautiful road trip in America. The route begins in Miami and ends in Key West, an island city in the Florida Keys, which includes a series of 42 bridges connecting more than 100 islands, Like the well-known Conch and Duck Key.

Undoubtedly, through it it is possible to admire many natural wonders and It is recommended to go early To be able to stop and enjoy all its attractions. between them: Snorkel around the statue of Jesus in the abyss It is submerged in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and navigate across the historic Seven Mile Bridge, which was part of the big scenes in movies like True Lies and License To Kill.

The island hopping is truly amazing, with natural environments of turquoise waters seemingly endless And landscapes that are impossible to describe with just words. Her tour is an amazing adventure for people of all ages. On your way, you can find places to load petrol as well as places to stay.

when are you going? Due to the fact that it is a flight of a few hours, there is no specific recommended time to do this. However, it is important to keep in mind that you must respect the speed limit throughout your route. There are differences at different points, but in general during the day you can travel at a speed of 72 kilometers per hour and at night at 54.

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3. Everglades

Incredible landscapes in the Everglades, South Florida, with the sky reflected in the water (Getty Images)
Incredible landscapes in the Everglades, South Florida, with the sky reflected in the water (Getty Images)

Everglades It is protected from wetlands and its waters are covered with weeds. It contains incredible pine forests that are home to animals of multiple species, such as the Florida tiger, the Caribbean manatee, and various types of turtles. In addition to cypress swamps with many crocodiles, subtropical mangroves and mangroves.

To fully experience the experience, It is recommended to spend the night in what is known as “Cheke”.And Authentic traditional dwelling It is generally placed on a raised wooden platform, supported by columns, and has a thatched roof.

most specific? It has no walls of any kind, its sides are open. They don’t have electricity or water, but there are toilets nearby. However, there are also rustic cabins with electricity in the area, for those who prefer it this way.

Travelers are especially advised to go on night excursions and enjoy the sunset.

Sunset in the Everglades (Getty Images)
Sunset in the Everglades (Getty Images)

when are you going? The Everglades enjoy great weather all year round. The months with the highest temperatures are from May to October.

4. St. Augustine

Saint Augustine is known for its Spanish colonial architecture (Getty Images)
Saint Augustine is known for its Spanish colonial architecture (Getty Images)

Founded in 1565 by Pedro Menendez de Aviles of Spain, it is not known for certain It is believed to be the oldest city in the United States. Its Spanish colonial architecture evokes a kind of European air With its cobbled streets, historic Victorian homes, and Spanish Renaissance facades.

Among the activities to do in this Florida city, the following stand out: Walking down Central Street, George Streetcobbled and filled with restaurants, museums, and shops; walk on Lightner MuseumKnown as the old Alcázar Hotel; Walking down the oldest street in its historic center, the famous Aviles Street; Enjoy the beach and the St. Augustine Lighthouse; and know Castillo San Marcos.

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During the visit you can see Trains, tourist boats, vintage cars that do tours, and carriages transported by horses.

when are you going? January has the coldest season of the year, but from Christmas time until the end of January you can enjoy the wonderful lighting in its streets. The rainiest time of the year is from July to September.

5. Crystal River

A diver poses with a manatee in Crystal River, Florida (Getty Images)
A diver poses with a manatee in Crystal River, Florida (Getty Images)

It is known as “The Manatee Home” or “The Manatee Capital of the World”, the only place in all of Florida where it is possible to swim with these giant mammals, which weighs about 550 kilograms, measures about 3 meters and is also known as Sea cows.

In addition to swimming with them, one of the biggest attractions in the city, you can play sports snorkel, kayak, remoAnd Dolphin watching In the warm waters on boat trips, collect scallops (a family of bivalve mollusks) and at the same time attend a restaurant to be cooked and delight the palate. In addition, you can walk through the shelters. Cycling to enjoy Its beautiful landscapes Lakes, forests, villages crystal clear.

when are you going? The city has an average temperature of 22 degrees throughout the year. But if you are looking forward to seeing more manatees, it is recommended to go between November and March.

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