Google Meet: How to cancel noise during a video call

Noise in video calls can cause you to lose the conversation thread

Video calls have become almost everyone’s best ‘friends’ amid the isolation left by the COVID-19 pandemic. Labor, educational and social situations have been able to emerge during the health crisis thanks to the presence of virtual platforms, a simple compass, camera and microphone, that connect humans all over the world.

Thus, applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom o Google Meet They have taken center stage and become the solution to bring together family, friends, colleagues, co-workers and students.

However, it is no secret that in the midst of much amazement there are also some details that users have constantly criticized, among which is the noise that often turns the meeting into a real tragedy. Children playing or screaming, dogs barking, buses passing, or neighbors doing repairs at home في They are just some of the situations that turn into stressful noises, especially during video calls where serious topics are discussed and require complete focus.

With this in mind, video conferencing apps have adapted their own configuration tools that override or, as Google Meet calls it, Noise filtering from video calls In order to maintain an atmosphere of calm, focus and peace during virtual meetings.

To reduce distractions in a video call, you can filter out background noise. Meet can remove background noises such as typing, door closing or the sounds of a nearby construction siteMeet explained in a note hosted on the Google support site.

For this reason, Infobae offers a tutorial to reduce noise levels in Google Meet video conferencing and thus be able to enjoy all its advantages in a perfect and stable manner.

09/29/2020 Google Meet Research and TECHNOLOGY POLICY GOOGLE BLOG
09/29/2020 Google Meet Research and TECHNOLOGY POLICY GOOGLE BLOG

As Google explains, for its mobile version, both in Apple’s operating system and per se “Noise reduction is disabled by default, but you can enable or disable it during a video call.”

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Thus, the steps to follow are:

1. In the video call, tap on the screen and select the option More (The three vertical dots).

2. Then click session (gear sign).

3. Finally, select the option Noise reduction.

Unlike the mobile version, on the web you can configure cancellation before or during the video call. In the first case:

1. You must go to and select Video call.

2. On the pre-meeting screen, you will need to locate the message More options (the three dots vertically), located in the upper right corner of the screen. then press session (gear sign).

3. Select the option My voice and click Noise reduction.

4. Now you can join the conversation.

To implement noise cancellation during a video call, you have to repeat the previous steps, only now with the call still going.

Remember that this option is present in all versions of Meet (Android, iOS, and the web) and in the following versions of Google Workspace:

business standard

Business Plus

Enterprise Basics

Enterprise Standard

Enterprise Plus

Education Plus

Teaching and learning promotion

Single subscriber workspace

In addition, Google specifies that on individual subscriber accounts Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Workspace: lNoise canceling is on by defaultEnterprise Plus, Education Plus y Teaching and Learning Upgrade: Noise canceling is turned off by default“.

In addition, he explains that in all cases, if you decide to activate or deactivate the noise cancellation option, these settings will be saved by default for other video calls in the future, so it is important to make sure that each call is configured according to your needs. special needs.

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