He congratulated Pedro Sanchez in solitude when he had not yet won

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In a gesture to bolster his support for Sanchez, the president decided to sign it on Twitter. What did he write

Spain was suspended on Sunday after the general and snap elections in which, although the Popular Party obtained the majority of votes in parliament, none of the forces, neither of the right nor of the left, managed to retain the 176 seats to govern.

However, despite the uncertainty in which the European country found itself on Monday, Alberto Fernandez decided not only to congratulate Pedro Sanchez – who has a great chance of continuing in government but did not win.. The Argentine president decided to pin his tweet to confirm his gesture.

“Congratulations my dear friend @sanchezcastejon for the extraordinary choice you have made. Millions of Spaniards have revalued and preserved the rule of law from those who use democracy and then deny it in government. Big hugs from afar,” he wrote on Twitter, along with a picture of the two smiling deeply.. Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero retweeted it.

On the other hand, the People’s Party is known to consider itself a political “cousin” to Together for Change, especially with its PRO allies.

Although Fernandez did not make a technical mistake because he did not explicitly say that Sanchez won, and although his tweet did not go viral because the entire media and political agenda today is focused on the figure of Minister of Economy and candidate Sergio Massa, the presidential tweet is highly controversial.

Alberto Nunez Figo’s conservative Popular Party won Sunday’s elections with 136 deputies.and the Socialists of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), led by the acting Prime Minister, Pedro S├ínchez, added 122 seats.

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while The People’s Party with the far right of Vox will add about 169 seats which is still not enough for a majority; The PSOE and Sumar parties – where the former Podemos are based – have 153 seats that could go up to 172 with a full range of parties, including hardline ETA members with questionable links to terrorism.

But after the Spanish internship, the Argentine president decided to enter it and risk himself in a personal and non-institutional way for his friend Sanchez without considering, first, the Spanish future. Secondly, that elections are not closed in Spain, which is an internal matter.

Someone who knows Fernandez well has joked in the past few hours that he actually encouraged Sanchez during his statement to the press at the EU-CELAC summit last week. It happens that when the Spaniard had to quickly leave Brussels for the elections on Sunday, Fernandez publicly wished all the best, especially to his friend.

said that source jokingly when mentioning Alberto F. Once he wanted to become an ambassador in Madrid and maybe that’s what he has in mind now with a possible government of Sergio Massa.

Sanchez was one of the first leaders to welcome Fernandez to Spain when the Argentine was elected president, in 2019. He received him again at least two more times and it came in June 2021.

Although he always extended his political hand to his friend and ally Fernandez, the political and economic relations between Spain and Argentina have not registered any positive or negative change in recent times. They are strategic relations, within a Spain that belongs to the EU orbit and therefore follows these rules of society, whether PSOE or PP rule.

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