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These are the fruits and vegetables that you should avoid eating before bed

Some fruits and vegetables can cause discomfort during digestion, making rest difficult (picture information)

Both the World Health Organization (fromThe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recommends consuming at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, because they improve overall health and the body. Reducing the risk of diseases Not transferable.

Although published American Heart Association He even specified that the ideal combination is two pieces of fruit and three pieces of vegetables per day for a year Better quality of lifeBut the advice is not clear about what time of day to eat these foods. The problem is that no matter how healthy and natural they are, they can cause some kind of discomfort that makes rest difficult.

Thus, there are also ideal fruits for Eating during the night Due to its properties and benefits for the body, there are also other things that should be Avoids Specifically because of the reactions it can cause. This does not mean that from now on they should be considered “bad” but rather The ideal time to consume it.

Due to their high water content, fruits such as watermelon increase waking up to go to the bathroom during the night (illustration)

Paying attention to everything he said, a recent magazine publication Social sciences and medicine And a number of fruits that specialists advise against eating at night.

  • citrus fruits. Due to its high acidity, it can cause gastritis problems and cause heartburn in people who are prone to this discomfort, so it is suggested to eat it in the afternoon. Among these fruits are tangerines, grapefruit, and of course oranges.
  • Fruits with plenty of water. Some of them, such as watermelon, peaches, and watermelon, are considered excellent options for hydrating the body, since their high water content can lead to high levels of fiber and thus contribute to stimulating the function of the digestive system. However, consuming large amounts before bed can increase nighttime bathroom visits, thus interrupting rest.
  • Fruits with a high sorbitol index. Fruits like peaches, apples, peaches, pears, and raisins are very sweet and fill you up, so eating them at night can cause slow digestion in some people.
Brussels sprouts, like all cruciferous vegetables, are not recommended for eating at night (illustration)

Vegetables are known to be very healthy and all nutritional recommendations aim to include them in your daily diet, some of them It should not be eaten at nightBecause it contains a lot of insoluble fiber, which takes a long time to digest.

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In this sense, Crusaderas Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, arugula, turnips, arugula, It is preferable to eat it at lunch. This is because if it is taken before going to bed, the body It will take a long time to digest itWhich may cause insomnia, as the body will remain alert even if it is time to sleep.

Red berries are fruits that help you sleep (Getty)

Now that we know what fruits should be avoided at night, for those who are used to eating this food after dinner, they should know that there are some fruits that they can eat at this time of the day.

here they are:

  1. Berries. The carbohydrates in berries can help increase the production of serotonin in the brain To fall asleep.
  2. kiwi. It is a source Antioxidants and serotoninwhich may help improve sleep onset, duration, and efficiency in adults who suffer from sleep disorders, according to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported. study.
  3. banana. Thanks to its high quantities potassium and magnesium, It contributes to muscle relaxation, while promoting the production of serotonin and melatonin to promote better rest.
All green leafy vegetables are rich in tryptophan, which helps you sleep better (Getty)
  1. spinach. Green leafy vegetables are rich sources of TryptophanIt is an amino acid (the building block of proteins) that the body uses to manufacture Melatonin.
  2. Sage and basil. It is a spice that adds extra flavor to dishes. It is said to help you sleep better because it has calming effects that relieve stress.
  3. Beetroot. These vegetables have multiple health benefits, including that they are rich in tryptophan, which, as we mentioned, helps in its production SerotoninA neurotransmitter that relaxes the mind, relieves stress, and regulates sleep.
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