A Starfield fan reveals the full skill tree after more than 200 hours of collecting images

starfield Still preparing for his release. Bethesdaat your own pace, It gives us very diverse data and details about the game. So much so that we already know what a Playthat we will be able to visit thousands of planets and / or that it will be a game with a very special role-playing element, among other things, that we will have a skill tree.

This last detail is one of the ones that raises the most questions among many gamers. Fortunately for everyone Reddit user asd8dhd wanted to respond For the pleas of the community, doing something is, to say the least, very laborious: I have collected all the images that have been shown through their very diverse trailers. Compilation of the complete starfield skill tree.

Image shared by asd8dhd

Starfield will have a skill tree with more than 60 different options

While there may obviously be something missing that just didn’t show up, the end result is very interesting. As we can see – now graphically and directly – it seems that there will be Five different brancheseach with four levels (Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master) and up to 16 points to distribute in each.

The division he presents is very simple, but he justifies all this with a document that he himself shared via Google Drive in which, After 44 pages of explanationshe fully develops the theme to justify each and every one of the expressions he uses.

See, for example, the name of each branch. Asd8dhd calls the five branches physical, social, combative, scientific, and technical. separate, He reveals that there are over 60 skills in total. Overall, this is very much in line with what we’ve come to expect from a Bethesda game. There’s no doubt the work he’s done is insane and helps us get a little better understanding of what we can expect from Starfield between now and its launch on September 6th.

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