Kane is gay? This answers Margot Robbie

During an interview with Attitude magazine, from the UK, Margot Robbie, who is also a producer of the film, answered the question of whether Kane is gay, as suggested by fan theories and followers of the hit group of Mattel toys.

“They’re just dolls. So they don’t really have sexual orientations because they don’t have genitals, that’s what we think,” Robbie said.

“The energy that the actors brought to the project, rather than trying to meet specific requirements,” said the protagonist, referring to the characters’ characteristics.

Referring to the inclusion of LGBT themes and the way Scott Evans was consulted for this, “Barbie” said: “We wanted Barbie Land to be incredibly inclusive. And we wanted this movie to feel like everyone was welcome. So, it was very important that every person who joins this party represents another person who can see this movie,” the Australian actress added.

Barbie Within hours of its premiere, it was a box office success and souvenir merchandise sold out at Mexican movie chains, proving that the California blonde’s followers don’t skimp on it.

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