Five tricks to free up space in your Gmail account

Currently, Gmail is the most popular email system in the world. Most of its users are around 15 GB for free Based on The Google provided by default.

At first glance, these gigabytes may seem enough, but in some cases they can quickly fill up due to file sharing from Google Drive with other people. For this, The company allows more gigabytes, but you have to pay for a plan.

In the event that your idea is not to invest money in your account gmail And it has already reached 15 GB, We tell you five simple tricks to conserve free space in your email account.

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How to free up some space

It’s a relief to be able to go Measure how much space you have left And don’t find yourself with the sudden notification of 15 GB, confirm how much space you’ve been taking up recently. Sign in to your Google account.

-Touch on your profile picture.

-Select the option to manage your Google account.

Click on Payments and Subscriptions.

Then, in the Account Storage section, click Manage Storage.

Spam removal

spam, known as “Spam emails“also It can take up a lot of space. Many of those emails come from mailing lists also old subscriptions Which we did. Fortunately, there is a way to verify that they are automatic shipments: when they appear in the tab promotions.

To stop receiving them, enter Gmail and enter the search engine “Fellsor in its English version,unsubscribeBoth options must be made With quotes included. It will show you messages with the word “Fellsmailing lists usually merge.

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Clear rubbish

This is the choice easier. Once we delete the emails we want and send them to the trash, then You have to clean it From the trash to empty it, find the tab for the button “Empty the trash nowand click it.

Big attachments

There are emails she has big fileswhich does not perform any important function in our science and that We can delete them to free up space. The key here is to put ‘size: 5m’ into the search engine, which as a result will give us emails containing 5MB of attachments.

Delete old emails

In the event that we have old emails that are no longer useful for anything specific, we can delete them with an extension Special trick: in the search engine in the box we put “biggerand the amount of time we intend to. For example: “Older than: 1 yearSend us emails from More than a year. The letter Y is used for yearsthey for the months and D, for the days.

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