Sheep walk in a circle for 12 days in a row and generate mystery in the nets

It is a phenomenon that generates surprise in social networks.

Hundreds of Sheep Walk in a circle for 12 days In the Mongolian region, north China. This phenomenon caused a surprise on social media and spread quickly due to the ambiguity surrounding the photos.

according to People’s DailyThe sheep were healthy and their behavior unknown. In the video you can see the herd He walks clockwiseie in a circle.

The owner of the flock, known as Miao, said that some of the sheep started with this behavior and then the rest joined in. It is a farm with 34 barns but this phenomenon only occurred in number 13.

The sheep started walking in a circle with the pen and the video went viral.

Consulting veterinarians from Molecare Farm Vets noted that the exact cause of the sheep’s behavior could not be explained. However, they did not rule out that the animals were under the influence listeriosisa bacterial disease.

It is a disease that generates inflammation on one side of the brain and in this case causes sheep to end up walking in a circle or being paralyzed on the affected side.

However, oddly enough, animals are infected with the aforementioned bacteria They lose their lives 24 or 48 hours after the first symptoms appear (anorexia, caries and disorientation). On this occasion, these sheep have been around for more than 12 days.

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