Four tips to follow to prevent damage to your cell phone battery

Cell phone batteries need constant care since we gain. Currently, the phones that are included in phones today have a much longer life than those of previous years. However, there are still some guidelines that we must keep in mind if we want to avoid harm our devices.

Users need to consider that each piece of equipment has its own characteristics, before following any letter recommendation. You should also pay attention to the technical characteristics of the phones. Without further delay, we are sharing the following tips to extend your smartphone battery life.

It is recommended to charge it when the battery is at 15% (or when the device itself sends you a low battery notification). Allowing the phone to reach less than 10% causes a deep discharge that quickly degrades the smartphone battery.

It also avoids at all costs turning off the phone when it reaches 0%. The latter can cause deep damage to the device. If the load reaches zero, we will be exhausted battery life cycle, As a result, we will gradually exhaust its duration.

Batteries are easily damaged stock struggle

Gone are the days when we let our cell phones charge overnight. With current fast charging systems, it is not necessary to leave the device charging for several hours. Moreover, it is recommended to fill the battery up to 90% to prevent damage The smartphone is heating up.

Exposure to sunlight can irreparably damage your phone. Portable devices are designed to withstand a certain amount of heat (which they themselves generate). Exposing them to high temperatures will affect the performance of the batteries.

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The risk of significant damage increases when we use an application that requires more power or are in places With a little ventilation.

The original charger is necessary for the well-being of the battery
The original charger is necessary for the well-being of the battery shutterstock – shutterstock

Avoid using chargers other than those of your device, as this may cause differences in current. Also, cables that are not of good quality can Damage to charging ports.

It is best to use the supplies that came with your cell phone when purchasing it. Some chargers are unique to each computer and have their own charging speed.

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