Moishi Mana: “Uruguay is the next South Korea”

Punta del Este (Uruguay), November 9. Its trade exchanges, technological advances and culture make Uruguay “the next South Korea”, in the words of American philanthropist and real estate developer of Israeli origin Moish Mana (Israel, 1959).

This came during an interview with EFE, where he highlighted that “unlike its two neighbours, Argentina and Brazil, which are much larger but dysfunctional, Uruguay is an effective country because it operates with reason, integrity and good leadership.”

Mana, who has invested in technology, fashion, and Latin American art in the past, immigrated to the United States penniless in 1983 and began his career in the business world a few years after arriving in New York through a moving company he founded with the support of other Israeli immigrants.

“Some people survive with despair and others with inspiration,” he recalls. “I was feeling hopeless and inspired when I started.”

In his view, not all small businesses have the potential to succeed, and for him, the “key ingredients” are “working with an entrepreneurial vision” bearing in mind that “it is people who make the difference.”

Within six years of coming to the United States, his company, Moishe’s Moving Logistics, became one of New York’s leading residential moving companies, allowing him to shift to real estate development, a sector in which he had already invested more than $200 million in acquiring real estate in Miami.

Says the entrepreneur, who strives for his projects to have a beneficial social impact on the population. , which allows you to “enjoy the road”.

Besides his touring in the real estate sector, Mana was also known for his political activism, and on multiple occasions demonstrated his disapproval of the administration of former US President Donald Trump, who pledged to him to donate $2 million to charities. He’ll want if he makes his tax returns public.

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And he asserts the businessman, who believes that the administration of the country’s current president, Joe Biden, should have a “more vision” and mentality of trade cooperation with Latin America “to create an economy that benefits 1.1 billion people.”

Another struggle that Mana holds as a science is changing the American view of people who come to the country in search of a better life, which he relates to “the re-emergence of fascism experienced in Europe in the 1930s that abuses the power of dividing and confronting the population.”

“America was built thanks to immigrants, and here I would like to give a special mention to the Latin American community. American discourse against immigrants is absurd, it is a discourse that is neither fair nor positive for the United States,” he says.

Moishe Mana’s visit was part of the celebration of the first edition of the “Test & Invest Uruguay Business Summit”, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Agency for Investment and Export Promotion Uruguay XXI at various points in Montevideo and Ponta. Del Este.

The forum seeks to position Uruguay as a business and innovation hub in Latin America, and featured presentations by international experts in four strategic sectors: ICT, biotechnology, renewable energy and audiovisual services.

During the event, there was an exhibition to introduce the various technologies developed in Uruguay and other Latin American and Caribbean countries, for example, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, among others, and the applications of each.

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