Millionaire credit card thefts have increased in the United States: the Secret Service has taken action

From hidden devices in ATMs to fraud at payment terminals, theft of personal data has become a national security challenge. (picture information)

In the United States, the increase in the use of ATM skimming devices and self-service checkouts has raised alarms about the theft of customer information. credit cards. These operations, carried out by criminals with the aim of stealing money through fraud, sparked a firm response from the authorities.

Letters of News He had exclusive access to an initiative led by agents United States Secret Service It's called “Operation Sandblast” and it was deployed to Las Vegas in search of these hidden devices.

The concern is not unfounded. All over the country, from California until New YorkA significant increase in the use of these illicit methods has been reported. Skimming devices are small electronic devices designed to be discreetly installed in the slot where cards are inserted at ATMs or payment terminals.

When a user swipes their card on an equipped device, the device captures and stores its magnetic stripe information. This information can then be duplicated on another card and used to make fraudulent purchases or cash withdrawals.

“Operation Sandblast” is a coordinated effort to confront this type of crime that affects not only credit card holders, but also users of specialty cards, such as EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), used to obtain benefits such as food stamps.

Estimates indicate a loss of about $1 billion annually United State because of fast reading. Authorities believe that transnational organized crime organizations, many of which operate from Eastern Europe, are behind this activity.

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The agents Secret Service in Las vigas Many of these devices were identified and dismantled. During the process, they noticed anomalies such as missing screws in the ATM bodies, indicating external tampering. This is just one example of the methods criminals use to install the file Skimming devices Without being detected.

Authorities warn of the increase in financial fraud using skimming devices in the United States, which constitutes a growing concern among the public. (Illustrative image)

The scale of the problem has caught the attention of authorities at all levels. The cases reported by affected citizens highlight the need for continued vigilance. For example, one victim discovered that the money on her food stamp card had been stolen and used in a completely different situation than her own.

These incidents underscore the importance of preventive measures by consumers and financial institutions alike. Some recommendations include performing a thorough check of card readers before use, covering the keypad when entering a PIN, and monitoring transactions and account balances regularly.

The battle against fraud is complex, but with cooperation between society, institutions and authorities, risks can be reduced and citizens' assets protected.

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