European authorities are joining experts from the United States and Canada, and supporting the National Institute of Statistics

After experts from United State s Canada Work support National Electoral Institute (INE) To organize and legitimize the 6 June elections, the Association of European Electoral Authorities (ACEEEO) this Tuesday recognized the Electoral College as an institution that guarantees the expression of the will of citizenship in Mexico.

“The else It is an impartial authority, independent of political parties, candidates, and governors. Defending every citizen’s right to vote freely in free and periodic elections is his primary responsibility, ”states the ACEEEO Statement of Support.

In this document, the electoral authorities to Europe He admitted it since 1996 IFE And now elseIt was one of the most respected electoral bodies in the world.

The association noted that “as of 2014, the institute provides Mexicans with independent and transparent elections that they can trust.”

In a meeting with ACEEEO members, on the occasion of the signing of a cooperation agreement, Chairman elseAnd the Lorenzo Cordova Vianello He highlighted the importance of cooperating with international organizations to jointly face the challenges facing democracies in the world.

“These are difficult times for democracy,” he said. “We are facing large and common dangers such as disinformation and political polarization, as well as a political discourse characterized by intolerance.”

Cordova He expressed the passage of time when some said that there are two types of democracies: on the one hand, established democracies, and on the other hand, democracies in the process of consolidation. He said that the current democracies share the same challenges and risks around the world and there is no single solution or only one solution.

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“These are times to enhance international cooperation and exchange of experiences. They are times to share all efforts that have produced good results but have not achieved good results, to avoid and / or overcome the risks that may cause the loss of our democracy,” he noted.

For his part, the president of ACEEEO, Konstantin Florin Metjulieu-Boich, said that this body consists of 25 electoral institutions that continuously exchange best practices in the electoral field.

The else The association signed an agreement aimed at laying down a legal framework for developing joint projects and programs for exchange, consultation, cooperation and technical assistance in issues related to election administration.

During this meeting, members of the two institutions attended, such as Richard W. Sudriet, International Election Adviser, and Manuel Carrillo, International Affairs Coordinator at else And the Secretary General of ACEEEO, Zsolt Szolnoki.

Last Monday, Jean-Pierre Kingsley, President of the Canadian Electoral Office; Anne Raphael, former chair of the United States Federal Election Commission; Richard Soudret, President of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems in Washington. In addition to Armand Bichard, the International Election Observer and Senior Associate of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, they have supported the work of else.

Jean-Pierre Kingsley said, “We’ve found that else Willing to tackle these challenges, this has been demonstrated by the progress made over time elseIt has clearly proven to the world that it is one of the first-level institutions because of its existing independence and professionalism. “

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