Colombian-American businessmen besieged: Colombian businessmen demanding the United States to make a statement against the international blockade

Thirteen Colombian businessmen Who have business to and from United State Including my representatives Pepsi Corporation, AT&T, Colsanitas, and Alquería It landed today in the US capital where it will implement a three-day agenda until May 28 with a goal Appeal to various cases from Washington, DC About facts Public order in Colombia And the impact of the national strike and the siege on Business development in the country.

The footnote Led by the AmCham American Chamber of Commerce. According to her manager, Maria Claudia LacutorThis visit hopes to elicit a reaction from the United States on The current crisis that the country is going through.

“We will meet with members of Congress and with National government membersIn order to show that fact, while showing that to the other Affected by the country’s economic development, In the fabric of business, to navigate. Sieges have hampered the supply Impeded access to healthThe director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo said.

According to La Coutur, if the blockade continues in Colombia 100,000 jobs at risk Created by US companies in Colombia, plus Business impact between the two countries.

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