Ecuador: 6.5 earthquake kills at least 13 people. No tsunami risk

a Earthquake to 6.5 degrees of magnitude on the Richter scale shook the coastal region of Ecuadorin the province Guayascausing at least 13 dead and 126 wounded and many more homes damaged, according to a report by the Risk Management Secretariat.

According to the government, most of the deaths were recorded in El Oro province, on the border with Peru. In addition to the damage to fifty homes and the destruction of seven, according to a general report from the Secretariat of Risk Management, which also indicated that 17 educational units were damaged, in addition to 31 health centers.

After the 6.5 earthquake occurred last Saturday afternoon which It was felt in 13 of the country’s 24 provincessign up Three magnitudes over 4.8, plus 3.7 and 3.6with the epicenter in the extreme northeast of Buna Island In the Gulf of Guayaquil (southwest).

Among the impacts on the infrastructure, collapsed facades, broken glass and cracks in the walls, among others, were reported. Similarly, the collapse of the old salty wharf, damage to the Yat Machala club, downed telephone lines, and electricity shortages were recorded in several cantons of Oro territory.

Earthquake without tsunami risk

The Naval Oceanographic Institute reports The earthquake did not meet the conditions necessary to generate a tsunami On the continental and insular coast of the country.

The city council of Guayaquil, the capital of Guayas province, indicated that there were two structural collapses, 44 architectural collapses and one minor injury after the quake.

He explained that it was a partial structural collapse and 29 architectural (non-structural) collapses in the urban area. While it was recorded in the rural area: 1 structural collapse in Buna, 15 architectural collapses (11 in Buna and 4 in Tinghill) and one minor injury.

During the inauguration of the National Committee for Emergency Operations (COE), the President of Ecuador, William Lassothat his government had been activated “of an emergency nature” to provide the necessary attention to those affected by the earthquake.

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The Integrated Security Service (ECU 911) indicated that it had registered 421 emergencies nationwide, of which 365 were in the city of Machala, in Oro province.

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