The Red Dead Redemption II player gets an NPC to shoot himself

Chance has given rise to these strange animatronics.

Red Dead Redemption II is one of the best games of recent years

For years we’ve been able to see how the fans are Red Dead Redemption 2 has left us all sorts of talesboth inside and outside the game, this makes perfect sense if we consider that it is about One of the best selling games of all time With over 50 million units worldwide.

Be that as it may, it must be said that there were so many experiences that his fans left us, that one even managed to solve the Blackwater mystery related to The amount of money that the Treasury would be worth today Hidden in this location is one of the central hubs of the adventure created by Rockstar. However, in this case we can see that a fan pulled it off NPC to shoot himself.

Using the sticky rope on this NPC causes him to accidentally shoot himself.

While it is true that this statement might lead one to believe that this player has implemented some form of mind control with this NPC, this puzzle is much easier to solve, since a Reddit user known as febreze_air_freshner uploaded a post to said social network Above with a video insert where you can see this Using the lasso, get the NPC to shootUnfortunately, he caught it while aiming his head, which led to this weird animation the developers probably didn’t think could happen:

  <a href="">This game never ceases to amaze me, he accidentally shot himself when I lassoed him!</a><br> by      <a href="">u/febreze_air_freshner</a> in      <a href="">RDR2</a>    

For the rest, with a huge community of fans doing things like an amazing drawing of Arthur Morgan that took over 80 hours, it should be noted that Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar’s great title of the past five yearsBecause although it didn’t make the bad sales of GTA V, it’s a title to take into consideration and you can enjoy it. PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S..

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