Live: USA vs Venezuela – Game Today World Baseball Classic 2023

Baseball World Cup: Watch live, minute-by-minute USA vs Venezuela in the 2023 World Baseball Classic

Andres Jimenez gets a ticket to start the Venezuelan attack

That was a hit from Ariez to put Venezuela in the match!

Anderson was grounded out to third base. USA 3-2 Venezuela 3 bottom

Kyle Tucker goes into second with a double. The United States threatens with two individuals

Nolan Arenado retired with a homer to get out for second

Paul Goldschmidt directs for the first time

Venezuela’s pitcher change: Luis García relieves Jose Ruiz, who replaced Martín Perez in the first inning

The Paul Goldschmidt-produced USA II success video

A punch for Gleyber Torres and the inning ends. United States 3-2 Venezuela third highest

In review play, Eugenio Suarez is singled out at second base. 2 thirds out

This is how Mookie Betts’ first race looked

Eugenio Suarez doubles! Venezuela finished second, one lap behind

David Peralta took control of the ground ball to go up the first third

Mike Trout out for the third. USA 3-2 Venezuela 2 down

Mookie Betts hits into a double play. Switch to third base

Trea Turner is negotiating a passport and there are first and second place contenders for the United States

JT Realmuto hits a double with no out

Lance Lane contains Venezuela after two rounds. The United States 3-2 Venezuela the second half

Venezuela Home Run! Luis Aries scores at home twice. United States 3-2 Venezuela first half

Venezuela begins its attack by striking Jose Altuve

Third for the United States! Kyle Tucker hits and Goldschmidt scores

The USA continues to attack without getting out: Nolan Arenado hits and they already have men in the corners

USA 2-0! Paul Goldschmidt hits and Mike Trout rings. The man at first did not come out

USA Race! Mike Trout hits and scores for Mookie Betts on a Ronald Acuna Jr. error. Trout advances to third base

Mookie Betts opens batch with a stroke

Playing football! Martín Pérez, the initiator in Venezuela, is already facing the artillery of the United States

This is how the United States and Venezuela play, two pure power attacks!

Hello MARCA MX friends. We salute you for accompanying you to the final game of the World Baseball Classic quarter-finals between the United States and Venezuela. The winner will face Cuba in the first semi-final on Sunday

Cuba is waiting for the winner between the Americans and Venezuelans

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