David Cronenberg to return to science fiction with future crimes

Where Daily screen I mentioned to the manager David Cronenberg (Fly, scanners) Get ready to shoot His next movie Future crimes This year in Greece.

Name matches The director’s film was shot in 1970 Where it causes a lesion due to a cosmetic product It kills all the sexually mature women in the world. Although it has not been confirmed whether the new movie will be related to this, the project will be shot by 30 days Between August and September around Athena.

the product Robert Lantos He said: “ Athens is the perfect place for future crime because it is specially designed for David Cronenberg’s unique vision A future intertwined with the past“.

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I still do not know Plot details or cast, Although it is in February Vigo Mortenson Mentioned for GQ What or what I’d like to shoot a movie with the director this year. It’s something he wrote a long time ago and never did. Now he is refining it and wants to photograph it. Hope we can film it this summer. I would say, without revealing the story, This goes back a bit to its originsThe actor said on that occasion.

It was Kronenberg’s last film Star map On 2014 It has since been seen in Some appearances of acting In other films and series, including the third season of Star Trek Discovery.

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