The plot documentary won the award for Worst Film of the Year

Parallel to the Oscars, the famous Razzie Awards were given this weekend, to honor the worst film produced last year. In the worst film category, the documentary won Absolute guide. What did this documentary get for the title “honorable”?

Absolute guide It seeks to prove that the result of the most recent US election was obtained thanks to a Chinese cyber attack. The documentary is hosted by Mike Lindell, CEO of pillows company MyPillow and a well-known supporter of Donald Trump (Lyndell also received a Razzie Award for Worst Actor). In January 2021, Twitter permanently suspended its account for claiming, without question, that Trump was the winner of the election. The documentary was originally shown on the conservative One America News Network (OANN) and was available for some time on YouTube, but was recently pulled from the platform. Before it aired, OANN released a clarification detailing everything in the documentary.

Depending Absolute guide Dominion, which was responsible for providing the technology for the elections, purchased votes from other countries, erasing Trom’s votes and adding votes for Biden. The film does not provide any evidence for these claims.

“The information Lendl gives in the documentary is incoherent and fragmented to the point that unless someone is willing to stop and take notes, assimilation of the information is almost impossible. Even a person who agrees with Lyndel will not be able to explain the narrative of what happened in the election in a coherent manner.” As Noah Colbert says in Huntington News.

In addition to Razzie’s worst picture and worst actor, the documentary led to a $ 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion.

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