Dark Souls 2 looks and lighting even better with this new visuals PC

Stayd continues to work on development that has no release date yet.

It’s been over a year since we spoke to you at 3DJuegos about making a graphics programmer for Illumination enhancement in Dark Souls II, A job that actually surprised us with some first comparative photos but that was just getting started. Some new screenshots now allow us to see how the amendment is progressing for which we still do not have a release date.

Pictures focus on action Stay, Its developer, on Forest of the fallen giants-Although there are more screenshots for other parts of the game, it allows users to see a tangible improvement in the video game’s lighting systems, in lights and shadows, mapping, scene geometry, etc. Although it will not be limited only to these elements. Like How do you remember From DSOGaming the modder wants to implement other run-level mods.

Dark Souls II It hit stores in 2014, with applause welcomed by many users, but also with criticism, as many of them were aiming for a graphic slump between the project’s first shared images and its final results, something that Study’s work appears to be on the right track. Fix it. However, the re-release of the FromSoftware video game that was published several years later has already been discontinued Breakthrough at the level of the drawing, Which marks a strong improvement in everything related to lighting, as Alvaro Castellano told us análisis de Dark Souls II: The realm of the first sin.

With a view to Demon Souls Remake

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This lighting artist’s work comes only a few months after a release Devil’s spirit ps5 paragraph, A remake of Bluepoint gaming that made the classic FromSoftware a true graphic reference for Sony’s next-generation console thanks to better lighting, among other reasons. You can read more about this video game by reading Demon Souls Analysis by Alejandro Pascual.

For FromSoftware, your focus is now on Eden RingIt is a much-awaited production Despite its useful silence.

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