Halo Infinite is a very vast game but it’s “not an open world”, as they explain from Xbox

343 Industries want to expand the areas in the campaign, but they reiterate that you should not expect too much.

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3DJuegos recently conducted interviews with the members behind them infinite aura employment 343 industries. The massive exploreable areas in this new version have caused confusion among the community, and some people think it’s a file open world. Although this is partly true, the study made this point clear to us.

We don’t consider it an open world343 industries“We don’t think of it as an open world, we use words like ‘expanded’ or ‘wider,'” the study said. “The open world is its own genre these days, and it’s accompanied by another. Expectations“.

However, 343 Industries reiterated that Halo Infinite contains Biggest campaign That the study has done so far, considers it a “enormous experiment”, but without departing from what is considered the title of this saga.

“We wanted to base all of our decisions on how you feel when playing the Halo title,” the studio continued. “The Contact With the world and the feeling it conveys, that’s what’s amazing about Halo, and that’s what we’re trying to do the best we can.”

In closing, 343 Industries has made it clear that we’ll enjoy a slightly different experience, but without ruling out what the title of Halo stands for. What is more, The campaign will be an excellent starting point for players, because the study regards this rendition as a “spiritual restart.”

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