The Civic will be discontinued in England

The car manufacturer Honda announced the sale of its car The plant is located in Swindon (UK) for the European developer of industrial and logistical facilities Panattoni, Which will invest around 820 million euros in its redesign.

All this after H.Then It announced its restructuring in 2019, which included stopping production at its UK plant by July 2021, with the end of the production cycle for the Civic model. However, he promised to cede responsibility for the facilities he had bought in 1985.

“We are confident that the new owner can push development forward in a timely fashion commercially and create exciting prospects for Swindon and society at large,” said Jason Smith, Honda UK’s director of production.

Thus, after the end of production On July 30, Honda will begin dismantling the plant, Which will be delivered in the spring of 2022, when the Panatoni Corporation begins its redesign.

“Panatoni is committed to investing more than 700 million pounds (about 820 million euros) in the plant to attract new companies and supply companies looking to expand in Swindon,” said James Watson, director of development at Panatoni.

For Banatoni UK President Matthew Berum, the redesign of the plant will provide thousands of new opportunities for employees who support the operation of the local and regional economy in the region.

“The new opportunities that Banatoni identified will be an important step in the renewal of Swindon after Honda’s departure. Your investment is providing a major boost to the local economy and we are excited that this redevelopment will create thousands of jobs for Swindon. And the surrounding areas,” he stressed. Mayor Susie Kemp.

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