Criticism for Oxygen, the Alexander Aja sci-fi movie that will premier on Netflix on May 12

Criticism of Oxygen, Alexander Aja’s science fiction suspense thriller that premieres on Netflix on May 12.

Science fiction is the kind that lends itself to creating great stories with few resources. This is the principle on which the French director relied Alexander Aja When coming out with your new movie: Oxygen, Which will be released on May 12th at Netflix.

Just a prime location and two actors (plus the voice) are the raw materials to make up a story as the script keeps the tension going until the last minute. By the way, a great signature for the glamorous actress Melanie Laurent.

As it happened on Underwater hell With the role played by Kaya Scodelario, Laurent is the ultimate protagonist of a claustrophobic story where the countdown represents the uncompromising end of failure.

She wakes up inside a medical capsule after losing her memory. He does not know who he is or where he is or for what reason. And the time to remember and solve your precarious situation decreases every moment since the oxygen runs out.

Its only connection abroad is artificial intelligence Milo (Who gave Luis Posada his voice in Spanish), who manages the life support resources of the capsule and will show him pictures of his past … he will even try to contact an outside aid to save his life.

Oxygen It is one of those films that is enjoyed the least there is known about it, so we will not tend to “talk too much” about the plot itself. It’s an attractive proposition enough to spark interest in itself and surprise an audience, as movies like the movies have done before. buried a Source code, With which this film shares certain aspects of its introductions, but through it knows how to move away to be innovative in its apparent simplicity.

Along the way, as can be inferred from the summary initial appropriations, the issues relating to BioethicsPreserving the environment and searching for human dignity in times of adversity.

They surprised us for good! This week we’re releasing the list of the most influential science fiction movies of the 2010s, with the spotlight on Origin and Mad Max: Fury on the Road or Ex Machina.

The movie, which lasts about 100 minutes, is, as we said, a countdown since its inception, with the only downside being dealt with in times of history somewhat unevenly. Sometimes it seems that time passes quickly while in the last moments it is excessively long. It is the problem that can be put into a scenario that knows how to surprise and generate a disturbing and addictive mystery: the game’s fantastic appearance Christy LeBlanc In your writing. We can even justify this by looking at the way our brain works and how isolation can affect it without compromising the essence of the story.

Oxygen It’s also a very stylish movie. Although almost entirely in a small, closed space, (with the exception of flashbacks, daydreams and some outdoor shots that make up a small portion of the shots), Aja handles the camera with great freedom around the room, taking out a lot of it for circular shots and very close-up shots. And with all the tools at his disposal to enrich the movie, it is visually beautiful.

There is nothing left or missing what he intended, and it reaches a satisfactory and sufficient conclusion for what he narrated. AJA highlights that it is possible to tell the most interesting stories despite having to adhere to the protocols of the COVID era, and by the way, some insights about human nature help us: How far we are willing to go to Ensuring we remain as a species? What is the “ego” and how can we extend its existence beyond the physical limitations of time?

Anyway, as you can see, we are faced with an interesting proposition that reveals, once again, that Aja has a wonderful talent to put us at a crossroads and create charismatic characters in conflict with themselves and with their destiny.


Alexander Aja presents a stifling and embellished science-fiction thriller in which he manages to squeeze as many resources as possible to be able to film in the midst of a pandemic. The film also contains many unexpected twists of the script which provide a reflection on human nature.


The elegance of the stage acting, the twists of the script, and the interpretation of the leading actress. Visually it is a gem.


Licenses Obtained on Show Time Lapse: Scenario leaves accidental margin.

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