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The Formula 1 announced Workday will become the regional finance and human resources service for F1 in the UK and Germany, Demonstrating the shared commitment of both brands to drive real-time decision-making and the agility needed in a changing world.

Through this partnership, Workday will share its message about the importance of speed in decision-making on and off the track with motorsport fans around the world and specifically in the UK and Germany through social, digital and content platforms throughout the season.

As well as that, Fans will connect with the Workday brand through track and track signs at various European Grand Prix races. The presence of the race lane has been specifically chosen to reflect critical real-time decisions made at critical moments during the race weekend. The team that made the smartest decision at the time would receive a Formula 1 “Workday Agility” award.

Although cars usually attract attention, it is the people behind the machines that make the sport what it is. Formula 1 is a unique platform for global brands to target business audiences around human performance, which is being enabled through smart technology. There is no sport in the world where human decision-making and innovation is more important, and through our partnership with Workday, we will bring these values ​​to life. Ben Pincus, Director of Formula 1 Trade Associations.

At Workday, we believe that flexibility and resilience in real time are essential for any organization to succeed in a changing world. Our partnership with F1® underscores the importance of speed in decision-making, not only in the racing world but in business as well. We are excited to join this important sports brand, with a passionate fan base and an impressive presence across Europe, to come together in our communities in new and exciting ways. Christine Cefalu, Chief Marketing Officer, on Business Day.

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