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popular series”Cobra KaiHe is close to revealing his new episodes of the fourth season in Netflix. This is how the platform shared its first official teaser on Thursday.

It was clarified in the clip that Season 4 will face each other again Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larseau. “This isn’t just a tournament. It’s a Valley Spirit Battle.”, reads in advance that it was posted in their account of Twitter.

It is known that a new batch of episodes will arrive on the platform December 4 and will return to Terry Silver, the villain who marked the history of the main characters. In addition, the Torneo de Karate All Valley.

Netflix has left their mouths open for all Cobra Kai fans and has already released the first look at the All Valley Karate Championship that we can enjoy in Season 4 of the popular series. (Source: Netflix)

“If a man cannot stand, he cannot fight. If a man cannot breathe, he cannot fight. If a man cannot see, he cannot fight. Extreme situations require extreme measures,” You can hear him commenting on the character in the joke.

It should be noted that Terry is Larsaw’s coach in “The Karate Kid 3”. Now actor Thomas Ian Griffith will resume his story in the famous series Netflix.

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