Princess Leonor confirms the open secret: she will do it in September

Eleanor Bourbon He changed his life when he was 16 years old: he left Spain and began studying at a boarding school in Wales. The UK welcomed him with open arms, but the time has come to keep walking and he can’t look back. In a few months, she has finished her senior year of high school and must continue with the future her parents have prepared for her.

the princess Eleanor He knows there is no turning back: the decision is made and he can do nothing but accept the reality. The specialists confirmed that he would carry out military training similar to that of his father, Philip, but the matter was not clear. Leonor confirmed it to her private environment and it didn’t take long for the news to spread: it would happen in September.


The daughter of Philip VI will finish her second year of high school in June at the prestigious boarding school in Wales. Then he will spend the summer with his family and in September he will travel again to do his military service. She is the heir to the Spanish throne and she has no choice, the decision has been made and all that remains is to accept her life with a smile.

Eleanor De Bourbon is a great student, at least this is confirmed by sources close to the royal family. Presumably, she doesn’t know if she’d rather go to university or join the army, but her parents have already made the decision. Philip W Leticia They also thought about it a lot and realized it was the only alternative.

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Princess Leonor wins everyone’s support

Eleanor You will go through three military academies, and this is a necessary procedure in order to become Queen of Spain in the future. “The government has approved the decree by which the heiress will have to carry out her military training.” The decision is made and there is no turning back, she has confirmed it herself to some close friends.

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The king’s daughter tried to go unnoticed in Wales, in fact her attendants tried not to attract anyone’s attention. The problem is, he’s been there for two years and eventually everyone finds out his secret. He wanted to go to the UK to try to get more freedom and his parents thought it was great.

Eleanor He has gained the support of a large part of the people, even those who criticize them are the royal family. Experts say that his career will have nothing to do with that of Don Juan Carlos. Even it is different from her father, who also receives good reviews in recent years.

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