Coast Guard says they have just over 70 hours to find missing submarine near Titanic: ‘We’re running out of oxygen’

In the past hours, it was reported that a submarine disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean during an expedition to the remains of the ship. Titanic With five people inside for reasons that remain unconfirmed and after the search began, The Boston Coast Guard has made it clear that there is a limited number of hours to find survivors Before it’s too late and you run out of oxygen.

It is the mission of the company Ocean Gate missions, which makes this kind of trip to observe what remains on the sea floor of the famous ocean line. However, an expert from the Coastal Watch Agency explained that there is a certain number of hours to find them.

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Coast Guard explanation of the search time

And it was stated in a statement, today, Monday, that the search for the submarine, which is more than six meters high, and which began its submersion on Sunday towards the Titanic, had begun. So far, it has been more than 24 hours since the connection was lost in the waters off Newfoundland.

The same organization later explained that the missing boat could sustain the five occupants of the boat for at least four days before they ran out of oxygen. “We are doing our best to locate the submarine and rescue those on board.Admiral John Mauger said.

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The submarine that usually takes tourists to see the remains of the Titanic has disappeared

In terms of hours, it’s our understanding that the operator has a 96-hour emergency capacity, so we expect there to be between 70 and a full 96 hours available at this time.“We are exploring and marshalling all options to bring back the crew,” he emphasized.

The missing submarine is known as the Titan and is possessed Capacity to transport five people: pilot, co-pilot and three civilians, from They can travel to depths of up to 4,000 metres.surrounded by a carbon fiber and titanium body with state-of-the-art real-time monitoring systems to ensure “Unprecedented security”, as explained by the tour company in your website.

Thanks to the innovative use of modern materials, Titan is lighter and more cost-effective to transport than any other deep dive. A combination of innovative business engineering and technology provides Titan with Unique advantage over othersOceanGate details about the vehicle traveling about five kilometers per hour (three knots).

Turn, the boat It has a real-time monitoring system, sensors and extensometers to analyze the effects of pressure changes. in the submarine while it was submerged. In this way, the pilot can make the decision to abort the landing, if the integrity of the structure is at risk. It also has custom survival packages that can last up to 96 hours for the entire crew.


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