WhatsApp launches a function to silence calls from strangers: how to use it

Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new feature for WhatsApp and indicated that this new feature seeks to expand the privacy options in the application. (Anthony Quintano from Flick)

Infobae learned that a new update for Whatsapp is allowed Silencing incoming calls from numbers not registered in the contact list, in order to increase privacy protection measures in to request.

according to Mark ZuckerbergThis tool is a new feature that provides “greater privacy and control. WhatsApp users now have the ability to automatically mute incoming spam calls and unknown contacts.”

The functionality, which has been under development since the beginning of 2023, is now available to all users of the platform, who will have this functionality turned off by default.

To activate it, you must follow these steps:

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Enter the application The WhatsApp Click on the menu button at the top right of the screen.

– Select the option settings from the dropdown list.

– Click on the sectionPrivacy“.

WhatsApp will allow you to block calls from unknown numbers. (Infobae)

– select the option “calls

– Activate the buttonSilent calls unknown numbers.

By enabling this feature, unregistered contacts will be muted and will no longer make beeps or vibrations cell phone.

However, it will be listed as “missing” in the calls section, along with a version notice…however, it will be listed as “missing” in the calls section, as well as issue a notification.

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In this way, users to request It will be more protected not only against ads or unwanted calls, but in addition, contact with potential criminals who intend to defraud them through deception or even extortion will be avoided.

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according to The WhatsAppthis to update Security is part of the improvement in the security layers for users who are currently active on the platform.

In them you can specify:

Privacy Default: No user can look up the phone number. phone from another person or read their personal messages.

– Automatic detection Spam emails: The WhatsApp Recognizes and removes most accounts Spam emails and scams before they can contact other users and even before they are reported.

Global WhatsApp Protection Center. (WhatsApp)

Security alerts Proactive: The app will constantly ask users to verify their identity if it is recognized activity suspecious in the account or other people have taken control of the profile.

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Modern novelty is to create a file Security Center Free access with which all users of the platform will be able to identify recommendations, updates and additional measures taken by the application to ensure the security of Client.

To enter this section, you must enter web page official platformwhatsapp.com/securityThat does not require prior registration or entering a phone number.

In this section, users will learn about the risks of use Applications Unofficial or false WhatsApp, which can lead to the temporary or permanent suspension of the account, to other risks such as infection by malwareSpy on messages and location, among other things.

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Some of the information provided also includes how to use the tools correctly such as ban And a report within the app, as well as what happens when you activate them in a conversation, either with a registered contact or with an anonymous, anonymous number.

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