Chubut present at the closing of the Second General Assembly of the Federal Science Council

The Government of Chubut, through the Secretariat of Science, Technology, Productive Innovation and Culture, participated Thursday in Buenos Aires in the closing of the second Plenary Assembly of the Federal Council of Science (COFECyT) chaired by the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernandez.

The meeting took place at the Ciudad University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Pabellón Cero + Infinito. State Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Daniel Filmos. COFECyT Vice President and Chubut Secretary for Science, Mauro Carrasco and Undersecretary for the Science, Technology and Innovation Consortium, Luz Lardone.

During the assembly, representatives of the scientific fields in each province reviewed the impact of the federal plans “Science Building”, which encourages the strengthening of the construction infrastructure of the institutions of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI) and “Equip Science”, which aims to promote research in scientific and technological institutions through the acquisition of medium and large equipment from a federal perspective.

Science and production

Along these lines, Minister Filmos stated that “we have resources that enable each province to strengthen its research teams, develop technological linkages, and improve academic institutions” and added, “It is necessary to fund high-impact federal projects so that our research teams can be competitive and so that the country has better science and technology.”

Meanwhile, Chubut’s Minister of Science, Technology, Productive Innovation and Culture, Mauro Carrasco, appreciated that in this “second administration we have become key players”, where “every province has to reach its maximum potential to say ‘we are federal'”. He concluded, “We are at the beginning of a very big goal for the nation, which is for science to be a partner in production and development.”

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regional development

The Federal Council for Science and Technology (COFECyT) is made up of representatives from government areas of science and technology in the country’s 24 jurisdictions. The field of development, advice and strategic formulation of national and regional policies and priorities to promote regional development of scientific, technological and innovative activities.

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