Is the health sector hierarchical and amnesiac?

He is Resident physician or medical student in practice It becomes more bearable and enjoyable If you have the support of doctors and service colleagues. However, it is common in cases disregard By presidents and some even consider it The ‘hierarchical and unhealthy’ system.

This is what happened to the future graduate, who when he attends Training in the operating room It was rejected by professionals who came across the lyrics “Take away this spam.”

“Today the resident told me that when I get to the operating room I have to make myself notice so they pay attention to me,” he begins by detailing this student, so when she gets to the room, she introduces herself, while the professionals They did not give up on himThe word ‘intero-Mentrista’ has made it clear that it annoys him. “I found it so funny that the evaluator told me that when I introduced myself, my face sweated blatantly,” says this future doctor.

Faced with this situation, many doctors expressed their opinion. “How little do I miss the race. For those things and those people non-existent‘, admits the trauma specialist. I got lost once when I saw that it was just an ornamental plant. Now, if they let me get my hands on it? “They didn’t get rid of me, nor did they use turpentine,” another doctor said.

‘It’s always been done like this’ is a problem in medicine

They are not the only ones. “The world of healthcare, especially hospitable, deeply into the hierarchy and amnesia”, considers A Resident doctor.

Before another user commented about when the toilets were missing sympathy with Or if they didn’t have them before, this doctor details that this value is lost “while unfair privileges are being obtained by climbing up the hierarchy. “It has always been done this way” is a real problem in our system.

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