Estepona has been chosen as the venue for the Champions League for amputees football

Teams from Spain, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Italy, Ireland, Poland or Turkey will participate in this tournament, which is organized by UEFA, among other entities.

The Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, announced today that the EAFF has chosen our city as the venue for the IV Champions League for amputees.

The council member expressed his satisfaction with the fact that Estepona can host this important sporting event from November 10 to 12, the first time that it has been held in Spain.

The mayor noted that “Estepona is a very sensitive city in terms of integration and with people who have a desire to excel, so we are ready to cooperate as much as possible to make this tournament a resounding success,” referring to the city’s ability to attract and host competitions at the highest level.

Likewise, it assessed the promotional impact of the amputee football champions league celebration on the city, as UEFA is one of the entities that is part of its organization.

Teams from different countries will participate in this edition. In this sense, the EAFF has confirmed the participation of the following teams:

Portsmouth Ampote FC (United Kingdom)

– Paris FC (France)

– Della (Georgia)

Sporting Amp FC (Italy)

Bohemians (Ireland)

– Wisla Krakow (Poland)

– Etimesgut Amputee Club (Türkiye)

– Flamencos Ambutados (Spain), who will host and current Spanish champion.

On the other hand, the mayor stated that by conducting this competition, the Estepona City Council contributes to the promotion and visibility of this sport, which is one of the youngest sports in football. In this practice, two teams of seven soccer players, six outfield players, and a goalkeeper face each other on the pitch. Field players have lower extremity amputations, and goalkeepers have upper extremities. They all use crutches and play without prostheses.

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Weeks ago, the Chancellor received the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Football Association, Bogomila Smolarik, and the national football coach for amputees appointed by the Spanish Federation for the Sports of Persons with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF) so that they could learn about the city and the sports facilities in which the tournament will be held, specifically, the athletics stadium and the Francisco Muñoz Pérez stadium.

García Urbano thanked the organizers for their commitment to Estepona and recalled the progress made in recent years in the city to make it more accessible to all, as well as the various measures implemented for the labor, social and sporting integration of people with some kind of disability or functional diversity.

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