Chile arrived with a feature film, a co-production, and a starring role at the Cannes Film Festival

Santiago de Chile, May 14 (EFE). – With the feature film “Los Colonos” by Felipe Gálvez, and the co-production of the Argentine film “Los Delincuentes” by Rodrigo Moreno, Chile will arrive strongly at the new Cannes Film Festival in France next Tuesday.

The objective will be to compete in the “Un Certain Regard” section, the second most important part of the competition.

This double play adds to the distinguished presence of the Santiago-born actor known for The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, Narcos and Game of Thrones series, Pedro Pascal, in the new production of Pedro Almodóvar that will have its world premiere at the meeting.

Headlining the Chilean attendance at the festival is Galvez’s debut “Los Colonos”, a feature film already selected in 2020 by the Critics’ Week Next Step program.

This film is produced by 8 countries: Chile, Argentina, United Kingdom, Taiwan, France, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Production houses are headed by Quijote Films (Chile), Rei Cine (Argentina), Quiddity Films (UK), Volos Films (Taiwan) in co-production with Cine Sud Promotion (France), Snowglobe (Denmark), Film I Väst (Sweden) and Sutor Kolonko (Germany).

“We always knew it was an ambitious film, difficult to make, because it was from that period, because it was in Tierra del Fuego, because it had a bilingual (English/Spanish) crew, we had to ask for a lot of help, a lot of co-production, said the director.

The story is about three horsemen hired by a wealthy landowner to mark the perimeter of his estate. The expedition, made up of a young citizen, a mercenary, and a reckless lieutenant, quickly turns into a civilization raid.

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The cast includes a great cast, including Mark Stanley (British, Game of Thrones), Sam Spruell (British, Doctor Who) and Alfredo Castro (Chile, Nadi, Carnaval, who’s there).

With this title, Chile returns after 12 years to “Una Cierta Mirada”, a department created in 1978 where new filmmakers are discovered and promoted.

On the other hand, Chile is present through a co-production with Argentina through “Los Delincuentes”, a creation by Rodrigo Moreno.

In this case, in which Chile is co-producing along with the Jirafa films, the director, Rodrigo Moreno, points out that the country was the first to enter the film with co-production money and it is also the first time it has entered the film. He has worked with Chile, although he usually does some of the post-production for his films in the Chilean capital.

In addition, it has included Argentina-based Chilean director Javier Zorro (Mapamundi, 2013), who is working on his acting debut with a character who also works in this fictional film.

It is an action drama in which two bank employees, Moran and Roman, at a certain moment wonder about the routine life they lead.

Someone finds the solution: commit a crime.

In addition, Chilean actor Pedro Pascal stars in the new production of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, “The Strange Way of Life,” in which American actor Ethan Hawke also stars.

This medium-length, 30-minute film, shot in the south of Spain (in Almeria), will be in official selection (out of competition), and it stars Pascal, being the first Chilean to work with Almodóvar.

Pascal plays the lead with the famous North American actor, as a man crosses the desert that separates him from Bitter Creek on horseback.

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He comes to visit Sheriff Jake (Ethan Hawke). Twenty-five years ago, the mayor and Silva (Pedro Pascal), the farmer who rides to meet him, worked together as hired guns.

Silva comes by on the pretense of being reunited with his childhood friend, and they are indeed celebrating their reunion, but the next morning, Sheriff Jake tells him that the reason for his trip is not a memory of their old friendship.

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