Sevens from Toulouse: New Zealand, dominating the stage

New Zealand took gold in both the men’s (24-19 vs Los Pumas 7) and women’s (19-14 vs USA) branch of the Toulouse Sevens, the tenth and penultimate stage of the season for men, and the seventh and final for women. next to, Also in both categories, the selected Kiwis were crowned World Tour champions.

The Argentine national team, which has already qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics, previously defeated Canada in the semi-finals. by 33-5. In addition, he was beaten on Saturday South Africa in Quarterfinals By 12-21 and crushing in definition Group B to Britain vs. 50-0. Finally, on the first day of work, Santiago Gómez Cora beat Spain 21-19, as Germany by 29-7.

On the other side, Uruguay fell in the ninth-place semi-finals to Fiji 31-15 and must play at home in order to remain on the World Tour.. On Saturday, at Roomsdefeated 17-5 to Japan. In the The first phaseThey were defeated by the Teros 7 19-5 Kenya And they lost with her Canada for 26-0 and New Zealand By 12-14.

In addition, Fiji edged out Spain (who also sealed their qualification for the next Olympics) 26-15 in the final for ninth place.. in Semi-finalsThe Iberians were defeated Samoa 28-5 and in the quarter-finals, on Saturday, they were defeated 42-14 vs United State after he stayed third parties in your area after falling out with him Britain by 14-0 f Argentina by 21-19 and beat Germany vs. 29-0.

next to, France took the bronze Australia with fifth place and Kenya with 13.

In the female branchwas the only representative of South America Brazilwhich are included in the definition by Eleventh place vs Poland 19-7. The Yaras 7 team has made it to the final duel After losing all of their previous matches: in 26-17 vs. Canada In the semi-finals for ninth place, 52-0, 43-0, and 36-7 vs Australia, France and Ireland respectively in the group stage.

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for his part, Spain finished ninth after defeating Canada 15-14. in Roomsdefeated the Iberians Poland by 41-7 at The first phaseThey fell in front of you Fiji (47-7), Britain (33-12) f Japan (33-5).

At the same time, Australia took bronze, Japan placed fifth, and Great Britain ranked seventh.

Men’s results on day three of the Toulouse Sevens:

Women’s results for the third day of the Toulouse Sevens:

The results of the men’s day two of the Toulouse Sevens:

Women’s results for the second day of the Toulouse Sevens:

Men’s results on the first day of the Sevens in Toulouse:

Women’s results on the first day of the Sevens in Toulouse:

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