What is it for and how to activate it

WhatsApp voice dictation

It should be noted that this tool It is different from sending a recorded voice message In the application, because in this case the user dictates the message and the keyboard is responsible for transcribing it.

While the feature is available for both Android devices like iOSIn order to use it, you must follow a series of simple steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and select the chat of the person you want to send the message to.
  • Locate the microphone icon on your keyboard.
  • As soon as “speak now” appears on the keyboard, start dictating the message you want to send.
  • It is important to speak clearly and slowly so that the keyboard can accurately transcribe the message.

It should be noted that on Android devices, the microphone icon is located in the top right of the keyboardwhile it is the case on iPhones It is located at the bottomnear the space bar.

The exciting tool that comes to WhatsApp

The instant messaging app sets up a new function for iOS Which will allow users to edit their already sent text messages.

This will prevent users from having to delete messages to fix errors, such as misspellings.

Message editing function Developed in June 2022 Now it has been improved with a notification confirming to the user that the message has been successfully edited and modified for all users in the conversation. The notification will appear if all users have the latest version of the app.

This new functionality will only allow you to modify messages within the first few messages 15 minutes after sending. If the message is released after this time, then “editedInside the message bubble.

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