Immortal and educated! Jorge Campos has received an honorary doctorate from the University of Canada – Fox Sports

The misunderstood genius was the legendary Jorge Camposone of the greatest legends of Mexican football a favourNothing more, nothing less, for Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canadathe country where Acapulkino’s wife is from.

What nickname did they give to Jorge Campos in Canada?

Ever since he was on the field, Brody has been one of the most loved and respected figures in our football. When he decided to venture in Sports TV As an analyst, Jorge Campos has developed a style which has earned him the love of millions of fans. What is your secret? He doesn’t understand anything when he speaksLiterally, but his massive charisma helps him stay on top of everyone’s tastes.

As ironic as it may sound, despite his unique way of expressing himself, Campos Navarrete has a Doctor of Letters degree “Honoris Causa” At the Canadian academic institution listed above. Although we don’t know if this is the most surprising thing or the truth of it Seeing timeless shoe wearBecause it is known that no matter what happens, the source always wears sandals.

Why did Campos obtain his Ph.D.?

This confession Awarded for distinction in publicand sciences, arts and humanities, business, law and philanthropy. The three-time World Cup player with the trio got the award on Wednesday, and here’s why It was not broadcast Mexico and Guatemala.

Martinoli says he will remove the title of Doctor from Luis García

Your partner in storytelling on Azteca TV, Christian Martinoli shared photos of Jorge Campos He wears the uniform of cap and gown to be distinguished in Maple Leaf country, always smiling, showing off his framed diploma.

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“Luis told García that the title ‘doctor’ no longer belonged to him. As of today, the only ‘doctor’ is Jorgito Campos and this Honoris Causa title endorses him.”Narrator wrote.

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