Canada’s injured player Ronald Mataretta feels ‘shattered’

That unfortunate plane presented by Marc Anthony Kay to Ronald Mataretta during the qualifying match between Costa Rica and Canada at the National Stadium caused a serious injury to the Costa Rican team.

You’re probably still thinking about the procedure, primarily because Honduran referee Said Martinez showed North America a yellow card, but his teammates told him to go to video refereeing because the entry was for more.

Although the shots from different angles were very clear, El Kracho did not change his mind even with VAR.

After this impact received in the ankle, Matarita could not continue the match. And it wasn’t any less, because as a result of that plane, a fairway player playing for FC Cincinnati’s Major League Soccer (MLS) team would be at least six months out of court.

Mataretta was diagnosed with a 95% peroneal tendon rupture, he had to have surgery and he now has to rest.

Once he learned the consequences of this, the Canadian team left a message for Costa Rica on Twitter.

Hey brother, this is Mark Anthony, I heard about your injury! From the bottom of my heart I want to apologize, I didn’t mean to hurt you at all. I know firsthand how a serious injury feels. Al-Kindi wrote on that social network: “I am disappointed for you and wish you a speedy recovery.”

He also indicated that he sent him an apology message on his phone number and on Instagram, but in case he did not receive it, he apologized via Twitter.

The man did not respond to that tweet. In fact, the citizen said he will stay away from social networks while facing this recovery process. He announced this when he posted pictures of the surgery and how the wound is so big.

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“Hello people. This will probably be the last time you see me here in the next few months. It will be a long recovery process and I want to dedicate myself completely to my recovery and work 24 hours a day on my body, mind and health to get back as quickly as possible,” Matarita wrote in its official accounts.

“I can only assure you that the next time you see me here, I will put on my shoes to run like a kid after the ball again. Thanks for the good vibes, we will see you soon.”

Ronald, during the match, was one of coach Luis Fernando Suarez’s trusted men, playing 10 of 14 matches bound for Qatar 2022; Seven of them are starting players and three as substitutes, beating Brian Oviedo, the 2018 World Cup player in Russia.

Specifically, Mataretta missed the previous World Cup due to a muscle tear and defender Kiñer Gutierrez was called in as an emergency.

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