From the United States, Mauricio Macri insists on the “second half” | The ex-president does not leave the presidential race

From the United States, in the framework of a tour for which he obtained a warrant despite his prosecution in the case of illegal spying on relatives of victims of ARA San Juan, Mauricio Macri continues to play in the domestic professional leagues and does not. He hides his desire to join a large squad of candidates to run for president for Together for Change in 2023. “We are ready for the second half of change,” he said with a smile in a video sent to the Pro of the First leadership. The electoral oath of Buenos Aires referred to by Representative Cristian Ritondo, Diego Santelli’s rival in the governor’s nomination.

“Hello everyone, how are you? Great affection for Christian, Alex (Campbell) and all the members of the former, they are having lunch and I didn’t want to miss it,” the video of the former head of legislators and councilors assembled at a plenary session in Moreno begins. He added, “I want to wish you a big hug (sic), have a good time and get ready because more than ever (sic) together, ready for the second half of a change.”

The meeting and message took place on Thursday as part of Together for Change’s fierce internal campaign at the national level, directed by the two visualists Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, but also in the Pro dispute in the province that ruled until 2019 the former Buenos Aires Maria Eugenia Vidal. Indeed, at the same time as the former president sent his greetings to his Ritondo hosts, Buenos Aires Mayor and Vice President Diego Santelli were taking pictures 700 kilometers away, in Bahía Blanca, on a full campaign tour of the province.

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Macri left the country on March 25 for Europe where he participated in the exclusive World Bridge Championship, and is active on social media so as not to lose the lead. On Thursday, he dined with Donald Trump, with whom he has worked since the 1990s, momentarily synchronized in the presidential administration and the defeats that have prevented them from being re-elected in their respective countries. The Argentine broadcast a smiling photo from Miami with the stranger who refused to acknowledge the victory of Joe Biden and claimed responsibility for the attack on the Capitol in January 2021. Also participating in that meeting was the former ambassador to the Organization of American States, Carlos Trujillo.

The letter sparked disapproval among members of the Radical Civic Union and Civic Coalition. “I’ve never liked Trump very much, but hey, Mauricio is fully within his rights. This looks like a campaign photo,” notes Gerardo Morales of Jujuy, a hard-liner who makes no secret of his lofty personal ambitions (the other is Facundo Manes) and who assures UCR won’t be a Pro nightmare Once again he will fight to triumph in the inner change. Among the ranks of Elisa Carrillo, they also considered her inappropriate.

On the same Thursday, Macri posted a photo in a classroom at Florida International University’s “Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom.” “I am honored and appreciative to be able to share with a new generation what I have learned in politics, sports and business,” he said. Yesterday morning he posted another photo in which he shakes hands with businessman Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. They talked “about Bitcoin and its impact on the economy of the individual and the family. Very interesting,” he emphasized.

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