Canada and Mexico review the results of outsourcing and labor justice reform

Within the framework of strengthening the bilateral cooperation relations uniting Mexico and Canada, a meeting was held between the labor authorities of both countries, with the participation of Luisa María Alcalde, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of the Government of Mexico; Seamus O’Regan, Canadian Minister of Labor; and Alfredo Dominguez Marofo, president of the Federal Action Center.

At this meeting, held at the facilities of the Federal Center for Conciliation and Work Registration (CFCRL), Secretary Mayor and Secretary O’Regan had a dialogue regarding Mexico’s work honor, employment, and wage policies, as well as the results of reforms related to subcontracting and the labor justice system.

The STPS president emphasized that we are going through a labor spring and that the challenges ahead are to change the culture in Mexico, to convince workers that collective bargaining is a tool to improve their pay conditions, and to resume the essence of unionization.

Minister O’Regan pointed out the importance of cooperation between the two countries, in addition to specifying that Canada is the country with the second largest investment volume in Mexico, after the United States.

He acknowledged the progress made by the Federal Labor Center in areas such as the legalization of collective labor agreements, collective bargaining and freedom of association.

In his participation, CFCRL Director Alfredo Domínguez reports that to date 35,000 consultations have been carried out with the participation of 4.2 million workers, in which more than 20,000 CCTs have been legalized. In addition, he explained that there are 10,000 applications pending, which can be submitted until July 31, “and we estimate that we will reach the end of this process with 26,000 project contracts.”

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He also stressed the importance of the Federal Labor Center in transforming the world of work as the body responsible for registration, verification and providing certainty and legitimacy for the participation of workers through their personal, free, direct and confidential work. vote.

Selena Cruz Alcala, Head of the Office of Federal Employment Defense Lawyers (Providet), noted the cooperation between Profedet Services and the Services of the Federal Employment Center with the aim of advising workers, accompanying them in their conciliation process and, in the event of failure to reach an agreement, representing them in a labor lawsuit before labor courts. new ones for free.

National representation consists of Esteban Martínez Mejia, Head of Labor Policy and Institutional Relations Unit; Alejandro Salafranca Vazquez, Head of the Decent Work Unit; While the CFCRL was attended by Gianni Rueda de Leon Inigo, General Coordinator of Individual Matchmaking; Diego Alberto Gatica Noriega, General Coordinator for Verification and José María Morelos Ordaz, General Coordinator for Association Registration.

While the Canadian delegation was made up of Shawna Hemingway, Deputy Ambassador to Mexico. Sandra Hassan, Deputy Minister of Labor. Pierre Bouchard, Director of Labor and Commercial Affairs; Gene Dix, Director of Communications, and Felipe Alfaro, Political Adviser, both from the Minister’s Office; So is Yanneth Mahisha, Labor Attaché in Mexico.


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