Opinion Sustainability is gaining weight in the United States

Madrid. The new US administration could fundamentally change sustainable investment, with ramifications deep outside the borders of the United States. It is very important for us that the fight against climate change is again taken seriously in the halls of power in Washington. This alone already represents a fundamental shift with potentially profound ramifications beyond the borders of the United States.

A good example of how the issue of sustainability has gained weight in the United States is financing projects that are respectful of the environment.H. This is very well reflected in the sector of municipal debt securities issued by state and local governments of the United States.

The crux of the White House message is that the government of the United States is back And it appears ready for a massive government intervention of the kind that has been hard to imagine in recent decades. Moreover, for the first time in a long time, the latest scientific discoveries about climate change will at least fuel a wide range of political decision-making processes.

US stimulus packages are also likely to benefit many emerging economies by supporting export growth and commodity prices., Such as base minerals. This would especially help sovereign bond issuers in Africa and Latin America. In countries such as Mexico and parts of Central America, there may also be more direct support from the United States for some social and environmental policy projects.

Petra Pflaum is Chief Information Officer at DWS To invest Administrator

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