Can headers in soccer cause brain damage?


On the other hand, the other type of head injury that can occur in football is a voluntary kick of the head against the ball, i.e. headshot. Although we see in some cases that it can also lead to loss of consciousness, it is not so frequent. In general, this type of trauma does not have an acute effect, but it is the repeated microtraumas to the brain that cause chronic damage to this organ.

Some studies have shown that Repeated use of head plugs over time can lead to CTE. Herein lies the danger of the usual football practice.

CTE is described in other contact sports as well, such as boxing or American football, where it is more common because repetitive head injuries are clearly more common. This is due to cumulative brain damage from trauma and can lead to symptoms such as Progressive dementia, poor memory, aggression and even Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, This brain damage cannot be reversedHowever, the symptoms it produces are treated.

With that in mind, it’s not unreasonable to try to avoid the chronic brain damage that frequent head-banging can cause, even though this generates a major change in the practice of the sport we all know by classic rules.

Dr.. Damian Bendersky (Minnesota 130405). Neurosurgeon (Instagram:consultoriodedolor, Web:

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