From Here Out: Bringing Sports and Scholarships in the US – and Now Canada – for High School Students

for you. From here to abroad is an organization from Alicante focused on young students. It started as a project for Offers university options in the US, but has been expanded for student accommodationsAlso from schools. Additionally, since their birth in 2012, they have experienced significant growth after the pandemic and are now planning to open business lines in Canada. CEO of the company, Jose Manuel Diaz Calculate the plans of this company at the stage of expansion.

Through these consultations with an office in Alicante and staff in Madrid, Barcelona and the United States, they help families so that their children can study in educational centers in the United States – for about 10 years – or, more recently, Canada. And they do this by facilitating it (above all) through sports. Diaz himself lived in the United States for four years, and with his experience, after returning to Spain, he began to think about the benefit of setting up a company that would help Facilitate procedures so that more students can go to this country. He started from here on out thinking about the university environment, but about six years ago they started focusing on a younger student body, the colleges.

“We carry Young people and children to school, through sports. By obtaining scholarships of this kind, you can gain access to prestigious educational centers. In addition, it is not necessary to have a high level of sports, nor are they elite projects. In each case, depending on the profile, enough opportunities are provided for each person and children with any level of sports can move from the basic level to the higher.” Accommodation in a school of this type can cost about $ 60,000, but through counseling they are trying to reduce The cost and access to scholarships is up to $40,000.

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They now focus almost exclusively on taking minors to school. “We have about 250 children in centers in the United States, 90% of the activity is focused on this type of student and less is in universities,” Diaz explains.

Although the pandemic was a moment of uncertainty as all flights were halted due to COVID-19, the recovery after the coup was very strong. In fact, in 2021 they started to grow very quickly After lifting travel restrictions and almost double the number of users. If before the pandemic they had about 130 students, they have had more than 200 since last year. CEO of From Here to Outside.

The process they follow to get students to cross the pond is to choose the destination Which suits the profile of each of his students, with whom they work throughout the course, and go through different stages of the admissions process that culminates in being awarded potential scholarships that provide quality post-training career opportunities.

Opening to Canada

The core of this Alicante Initiative’s work is focused on educational and sports centers in the United States. However, its focus is gradually opening up, just as the demand for destinations and opportunities increases. Thus, they have also opened a path with Canada and also more academic paths and not just sports. In addition, her clients are not only Spanish. They also take students from Latin America or other European countries, such as Italy.

Similarly, one of the newest lines of business is to bring students “from abroad to here”. Thus, they already have a project in Tarragona, with the Nastic Football Academy where 60 students of 16 nationalities will arrive from all over the world.

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The From Here to Outside team is made up of some 13 people in Alicante As well as employees in other cities. In full growth, they have been pioneers in providing this type of consultancy from Spain and hope to continue growing with new lines of business and, above all, making sport and study at an international level accessible to all types of students.

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